New Game – ContraSense

ContraSense ContraSense is a new game available in the through the Soneso Source. The point of the game is to get your car to the end of the distance without crashing into any other cars. To move your car you just tilt your iPhone. When the app first opens it give you three levels to choose from, level 1 through 3, one being the easiest and three being the hardest. Once you select a level the app opens and you’re off. As you play the distance you have remaining is shown in the upper left corner. If you crash into another car a nice little Crash! screen pops up and gives you the option to play again. I have no idea what it does when you win….BECAUSE I CAN’T GET PAST THE FIRST LEVEL!!! Can you sense the frustration!! :) There is a little bit of play if you hit another car in the front bumper but, if you touch it anywhere near the rear bumper you will crash! Overall, a pretty cool game. Here are the screenshots:

UPDATE: I have FINALLY beat Level 1 – thank you, thank you! YAY! Check out the new screenshot (proof)!

ContraSense ContraSense ContraSense
ContraSense ContraSense ContraSense ContraSense Level 1 Proof

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  1. Dude, why did you lead me to this game?? I can’t get closer than 10 without crashing…ARGH!

  2. HAHA!! Tell me about it!! I can’t get past 10 either!! :)

  3. I passed the 10 :-) keep left! levels 2 and 3 are more adictive
    have fun girls!

  4. Yeah, I finally figured out the pattern to level 1. Haven’t tried 2 or 3 yet, though. As a fan of FPS games, I keep wishing I could shoot the cars that get in my way!

  5. Oh you boys and your shooting things!! I’m still working on level 1…though, I can get to 8 now!!

    LoL, it’s very addictive..

  7. Admit it, Brooke! I’ve seen you playing Halo 3!! :-)

  8. Ramy,
    I think there should be a club for those of us who are still trying to get through level one…that way we can still feel cool!! :)

    Haha…I’ve been caught!!