ContraSense Update 1.4

ContraSense There is an update in the for ContraSense which is available through the Soneso Repository source. This is another great update to an app in the Soneso Repository!! They are on a roll tonight! The update adds a ton of new features to this game. The first change you will notice is the addition of Highscores. To view the Highscores without playing the game…tap on Highscores in the main menu. The next change you will notice is after you tap play and the app beings…it now says, Gentleman start your engines and then the game will begin. That is not the only change…you will also notice little colored blotches (oil spills) have been added to the play screen…every time you drive over one you get 10, 12, 15 or 20 extra points. Your iPhone will now vibrate when the car touches the wall and you get some random honking (at least I think it is random?). When you crash…a window pops up giving you the option to Play again or to Quit & submit score. When you select Quit & submit score it will bring up a wheely thing that allows you to enter your nickname. Once you have selected a nickname just tap Submit Score in the bottom right corner…only the top 25 scores are displayed on the website. I still get some glitchiness when the car gets close to the wall and I don’t mind the Gentleman start your engines…but, I get a little inpatient waiting for it to finish and the game to start. Overall it is a good update! Below are some screenshots:

ContraSense Update 1.4 ContraSense Update 1.4 ContraSense Update 1.4 ContraSense Update 1.4 ContraSense Update 1.4 ContraSense Update 1.4 ContraSense Update 1.4

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  1. top 50 and top 100 now also available! -> higscores

  2. I think that this is a great nifty little game, good for passing a few minutes…
    I’ve been thinking, a great addition would be to add a feature that allows you to switch the player’s car, to other different ones, aside from the Mini. I’ve been tooling in Photoshop, and made a few custom cars, simply for myself. But hey, great little game here!

  3. Well, the one true addition that would enhance the overall game, would be a road background, instead of the bland white one.

  4. :-) thx for the hints! i will try to update after ski holidays!
    have fun!

  5. Corey…those are some great ideas!! I know the developer checks in on our site…maybe you will see a few changes in the next update! You should show us some of the cars you have made…I’m interested in seeing what they look like!

  6. Ok wow…I just realized that chris (the developer) already wrote back to your comment Corey…sorry about that chris!! I guess we will see what the update brings.

    @ chris – hope you are having fun on your ski holiday!! YAY I love holidays!!