EvolutionRGB Update 1.0

EvolutionRGB There have been quite a few improvements with the update to EvolutionRGB 1.0. All of the updates improve the visual affects of the game…but, are not really things you can show in a screeshot…so, below is a list of the changes via the developer and the Installer screenshot. EvolutionRGB is available in the Installer.app through the Ste Packaging source.

EvolutionRGB 1.0:
* drawing has been improved, thick lines are used instead of circles, so that finger moves are always connected
* rasterizing the drawing is much faster now (for the large brush sizes)
* the randomness has been improved (less patterns visible)
* single circles can now be drawn by a tap and slow release (200 ms) – previously you had to move your finger

EvolutionRGB Update 1.0

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  1. does the save game function work by anyone?

  2. I have installed this “Toy” on my iPhone and would like to uninstall it, but the problem is that it is not showing under the “Uninstall” tab on Installer.app. Can someone please tell me how can I remove it from my iPhone? Thanks.

    • I have the same problem , any ideas guys ???
      thanks in advance


      yes this happens sometimes to me too…so if it does not show up in the uninstall thing just ssh into your iphone and delete the folder of the app then reboot your iphone and it should be gone

  3. In order to save, you have to drop pictures in a folder in you /Media directory (I’m not sure which). This program converts color gradients into one of the elements. Read the “more info” to get the path.

  4. Great app but i can’t save :( it crashes every time i try to save :(

  5. just set perms to 777 in the Evolution RGB folder (var/root/media/EvolutionRGB) i think you can chmod it but i only use SSH its easier