MACalc 0.1.5

MACalc MACalc is a “RPN/Algebraic multi function calculator.” I have absolutely no idea what that means! When you open the app…it will open to one of the two available calculators (Float or Integer)…to switch between the two, just tap on the display area. Also, depending on which calculator you are in…you can tap the Mode button on the right side to switch between different modes. If you are in the Floating point calculator, you can select between two modes; Scientific and Conversions. If you are in the Integer Calculator, and you tap the Mode button, you can select between three modes; Dec, Hex and Bin. There is also a Menu button in the lower left corner…when selected, it will give you three options; About, Settings and Exit. About gives you copyright info about the app and Exit brings you back to the SpringBoard. If you select settings…you will be brought to a settings menu where you can choose from A TON of settings (see screenshots below). You are also given the option to change the Calculator skin…just scroll down in the Settings menu and tap on Skin. There are four skins to choose from Aqwuah, Default, iPhone and iPhoneColor. Below is some more information from the Developer…you will want to check out their site for even more info about this app…it is a very good, and highly informative site!!! MACalc is available in the through the source. Below are the screenshots.

Developer’s Info:

    * MACalc float: 10 storage registers
    * 10 stack registers

    * MACalc integer: 10 storage register
    * 10 stack registers

    * General
          o Entry-system: RPN or Algebraic
          o Storage arithmetic: (Sto/Rcl +, -, ×, ÷)
          o Math: (+, -, ×, ÷, Mod)
          o Skins: four to choose from

    * Floating point calculator
          o FIXed, SCIentific and ENGineering number format
          o Functions: pi, 1/x, %, factorial
          o Functions: sq root, root n
          o Functions: yx, 10x, x2, ex
          o Functions: log, ln, hypotenuse
          o Trig funtions: sin, cos, tan, hsin …
          o Trig modes: degrees, radians, grads
          o Conversion: polar, retangular
          o Conversion: degrees, radians, grads

    Integer calculator
          o Signed or unsigned operations
          o Base conversion (2,10 and 16)
          o Selectable word size (8bits, 16bits, 32bits)
          o Bit operations: AND, OR, XOR….
More Info

MACalc 0.1.5 MACalc 0.1.5 MACalc 0.1.5 MACalc 0.1.5 MACalc 0.1.5 MACalc 0.1.5 MACalc 0.1.5 MACalc 0.1.5 MACalc 0.1.5 MACalc 0.1.5 MACalc 0.1.5 MACalc 0.1.5 MACalc 0.1.5 MACalc 0.1.5

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  1. im trying to install but getting:
    “Package ddownload failed!”

  2. @omri…that happened to me yesterday when I was trying to download this app as well…just keep trying. When ever you get a “Package Download Failed” error in the it is because there is something wrong with the server the app is trying to download from. Give it an hour or so and try again…yesterday I tried all day and finally got it to download later last night!

  3. Hi,
    I installed the app. (on Ver 1.1.1) ‘but the numbers to be displayed on the screen are sliced. (cutting)

    anyone ?

  4. @SV: im pretty sure brooke is running 1.1.1 too and her screen shots look perfect.

  5. @SV…Kumail is right…I am on 1.1.1 and it seems to work fine for me.

  6. @SV: im running 1.1.2 and got the same problem with the numbers

  7. cool app