MACalc 0.1.7

MACalc Version 0.1.7 of MACalc brings a few changes. As you know from previous posts…this app goes totally over my head! So, I will just tell you what changes there are according to the developer! :) Version 0.1.7 adds many more conversions, the conversions are now plist based and there were some minor bug fixes. MACalc is availbale through the source. Below is the screenshot.

MACalc 0.1.7

MACalc Update 0.1.6

MACalc The update to MACalc 0.1.6 makes a few changes to the app. One of the change, according to the developer, is that the “tap area” to change between the two calculators is now restricted to the “display area only.” However, I thought this was true in the previous version as well. Another change the developer mentions for version 0.1.6 in a fixed “decimal point” display in Settings but, I do not see any changes to the settings and according to my records this was also available in the previous version! So, I’m not sure what the deal is… [Read more…]

MACalc 0.1.5

MACalc MACalc is a “RPN/Algebraic multi function calculator.” I have absolutely no idea what that means! When you open the app…it will open to one of the two available calculators (Float or Integer)…to switch between the two, just tap on the display area. Also, depending on which calculator you are in…you can tap the Mode button on the right side to switch between different modes. If you are in the Floating point calculator, you can select between two modes; Scientific and Conversions. If you are in the Integer Calculator, and you tap the Mode button, you can select between three modes; Dec, Hex and Bin. There is also a Menu button in the lower left corner… [Read more…]