Converter Update 0.19

Converter I asked myself when I saw an update to Converter what this app could possibly add to make it any better…well, they have a added a few SWEET new features! If you tap on Setting in the upper left corner, once you have opened the app, you will see one of the new features…the ability to change the language of the app. As of now, there are three options; English Russian and Hebrew. Though, when I changed it to Russian I had a slightly difficult time getting it back to English, like it got stuck…I was worried for a minute that I was going to have to learn Russian! The sweetest part of the update is that the abbreviation for each unit of measurement is now provided…which I think is SUPER helpful! Another new feature of the update is when you go back in to change a unit of measurement it will show you your recently used units. So, if you are converting inches to centimeters and then you want to change inches to feet….when you go in to change it, it will show inches as a recently used unit! It is pretty cool. Also, the developer has said that this app seems to work with 1.1.3! Converter is available in the through the source. Below are the screenshots.

Converter Update 0.19 Converter Update 0.19 Converter Update 0.19 Converter Update 0.19 Converter Update 0.19 Converter Update 0.19

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  1. NikoFreako says

    I realy love this app. I think that this is one of the best and usefull apps in the Installer!

  2. its a veri usefully app… love it..

  3. Change language is a classic prank. I do that with my cousins’ cell phones all the time.

  4. Hei, Brooke, I just saw it: the AppTapp just released an update to the Installer. Now the version is out of beta, I guess.