killBoard Update 1.0.1

KillBoard There was an update to killBoard version . Honestly, I’m not really sure what you can update with this app…there are no visual changes and it still restarts your SpringBoard. Maybe just some coding stuff! killBoard is available in the through the iPod Touch Fans source.

killBoard Update 1.0.1

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  1. I’m not sure either but maybe the previous version didn’t work on 113 phones. If that were true then the update would be very useful because 113 won’t let you install summerboard unless you had it on 112. By the way this site is not working/very slow on my iPhone. Awesome website though! =]

  2. Yeah…the app was actually created for version 1.1.3…it works on other versions too but, the developer created it specifically for 1.1.3.

  3. What is a springboard restart ?!

  4. It just restarts your SpringBoard…like a soft restart, when you have to slide to unlock and then enter in your password. Any time you install a new app from the your SpringBoard restarts…or, if you change something with Customize or SummerBoard…your SpringBoard will restart. This is just a way for you to do it yourself manually.

  5. Great, now all i need is still a similar app but then to make the iPhone reboot. just as simple an app as this one, but then for automatically rebooting the iPhone


    This is the best review for any app that I have ever read!