Poof Update 1.00

Poof BigBoss has updated Poof to version 1.00 making it compatible with ONLY version 1.1.3. The previous version could be installed on any version of FW…however, if you try to install version 1.00 on any FW other then 1.1.3 it will not install. You will get a pop-up saying that “Poof’s method of hiding icons is all that works on 1.1.3, but it is incompatible to Customize’s method. So use Customize on less then 1.1.3 devices.” If you have installed the previous version of Poof on FW other than 1.1.3…you can still use it, you just cannot update it. Also, remember that you cannot unhide apps with Customize that have been hidden with Poof and vice versa. Before you install this app please be sure to read THIS post. Poof is available in the Installer.app through the BigBoss source. Below is the screenshot:

Poof Update 1.00

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  1. This should fix all the compatiblity problems from 0.50 beta where when an app was hidden you couldnt run it with dock, categories, or bossprefs.

  2. hey BigBoss i love poof!! works great but i have two icons i cant get ride of camera and photo album any ideas??