MobileRSSMobileRSS is a simple app that displays RSS feeds. When it was first released it was mostly limited to just reading feeds. Now You can manage and order them, adjust the font, font size, refresh interval and more. You can even import feeds by placing the OPML file into the /var/root folder. The biggest downfall to this app is that it does not support images that are in the original feed. It also limits the length of the feed so you can’t read the whole article even if the original feed is full length. Unfortunately there are more issues with this app but it has potential with future updates. I would suggest google reader designed for the iPhone for now.

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  1. You do realize that you haven’t posted anything about the SNES emulator yet.

  2. Just uninstalled this app. Usually when you use it for a couple of mins, it gets stuck and phone reboots. Maybe its due to excess RAM consumption and causes buffer overflow and hence iPhone reboots. Bust be reported to developer.

  3. Guilherme - Brazil says

    I am having the same problem as Jash reported (1.1.2 OTB)

  4. I have the same problem with MobileRSS. But this is a must-have for me so I should find out a fix for the problem.

    Also anyone knows where the feed URL data goes? I like to retrieve it manually in case I reinstall the application.

  5. running RSS 2.4.1 on 1.1.3. this application drains battery like mad – even though i chose “manual” refresh, mobileRSS just kept refreshing! no choice but to uninstall it.