ZiPhone 1.1.3 ‘True’ jail-break!

Note: New version 1.1 is out for ZiPhone! get it here

I have been MIA for awhile because I messed up a manual install and was forced to upgrade to an unjailbroken 1.1.3. The last few weeks have been long and grey. But I am pleased to announce that a true 1.1.3 jailbreak is upon us!!!

Zibri (his blog here) formally from the Dev team, now works with the ‘elite’ team, has posted the long withheld jailbreak, allowing 1.1.3 otb(out-of-the-box) or otherwise updated 1.1.3 iPhones a VERY easy way to jailbreak and retain all of 1.1.3’s great features!

It’s called ZiPhone. You can find the latest version here(if your on a mac this guide won’t help you, go here and get the latest OSX ZiPhone zip here). Download the file and save it to your computer. It is a zip file, so you will have to extract it to your computer, I’ll recommend you exract to C:/ZiPhone. Then go to the folder and locate ZiPhone.exe, make sure your iPhone is connected, and iTunes is running, then double click ZiPhone.exe. (If a black screen pops up then goes away, like mine did, follow the instructions below).

Manually run ZiPhone.exe: Go to Start>Run, type in ‘cmd’ (no quotes) and hit enter. Type in ‘cd ..’ 2 times (or until your prompt looks like “C:/>” then type ‘cd ziphone’ hit enter, then type ‘dir’ hit enter. If you see ZiPhone.exe in the list then you are in the right spot, if you see ZiPhone with no .exe you need to go one more folder in so type ‘cd ziphone’. Now everyone should be in the right spot.

Now the directions (limited as they are) say that you can just jailbreak if your iPhone is already activated, that didn’t work for me. In your command prompt, you need to type ‘ziphone -j -a’ and hit enter. ZiPhone should now run and tell you to ‘power down and restart in restore mode’ here is how to do that correctly. Turn the iPhone off normally (hold down the power button, then use the power down slider. When you iPhone is off, hold the power button and the home button both down for 10 seconds (try and be precise) after 10 seconds release only the power button and continue holding the home button till iTunes gives you a message (note: your screen will stay dark, but it will be found by iTunes). You should still have your iPhone connected to your computer and iTunes running. iTunes will popup saying something about checking versions or whatever, just ignore that message. If you can still see the command line application you will see it now says “working” just give it 45secs and it will reboot you iPhone for you and wallah! should be back on your home screen, and you are fully jailbroken!

If this worked for you like it did for me, CONGRATS!
If not, please post below, and I’ll try to help. Try this a few times first to make sure you are doing it correctly.

Amazingly this whole process took me about 2minutes!

NOTE: If you downloaded ZiPhone right away and are having problems, try redownloading from the link above, as Zibri has updated ZiPhone a few times. This App will not upgrade your iPhone for you, you must be on 1.1.3 from an iTunes upgrade.

2ND NOTE: ** New Gui ersion can be found here**
– I havent tried it yet, but I think it should be just as safe.

3RD NOTE: Found a post by Zibri Himself, for those having problems try this method or putting iPhone into restore mode.
“To everyone having problems:

you HAVE to SHUTDOWN the iPhone correctly BEFORE using ZiPhone !

Take the iphone from the DOCK.
press and hold ONLY the power button for 5 seconds.
The SLIDE TO power off.

Then keeping the HOME button pressed (only the home button),
connect to dock.
And keep the home button pressed until the iPhone is in RECOVERY mode.

Then RUN ZiPhone.”

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  1. ziphone v1.1 doesnt even need recovery mode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Okay jacob i need your help asap my phone is frozen on the apple logo screen it wont turn on and it is all messed up….cant even get it into restore mode…HELP PLEASE

  3. okay never mind after holding the home button for ten minutes my computer finally found a iphone in restore mode…we are good restoring now….but i jsut selected the jailbrake not actiavate…you think i should select both next time… let me know please i want to jailbrake this phone soooooo bad. thanks

  4. Mike FX – i would do -a -j

  5. you are having problems this recovery mode secret works everytime

    power off iphone while connected to your computer with iTunes open.

    Then hold power and home for 10 seconds,

    then let go of power at EXACTLY 10 seconds while still holding home.

    USE A WATCH!!!! EXACTLY 10 seconds!!!!

    all done!~

  6. after dozens of tries and restoring, it finally worked, when you type in the command ziphone_-a_-j_-u, make sure there are spaces in between, thats what worked for me, thanks iphone nooby for that suggestion.

  7. Completely obvious but after so many fails i hav to be sure,
    -a = only iphone right?
    cos i’ve jst been using the -j for mi iPod?

  8. ui tried this method and my ipod is stuck on the apple logo screen, i cant even go on to the recovery mode!!!

  9. The 10 sec thing…I did it ok…..then I’m feeling like it’s gonna work…WHAM! Ziphone v1.0 has encountered a problem and needs to close :-(
    I even tried the new version 1.1.Out or wateva!!!!

  10. emilio, yu hav to dock yur ipod to restore it.
    so plug it in and then hold the power and home button….when the ipod screen goes off and on then let go of the power button…iTunes will pick it up an yu can restore it.

  11. mike, thx for the tip. but before i didnt even have to connect it to my pc, i dont know why i have to now

  12. Some HELP please!!!


    Who knows why i would get “Segmentation fault” after running -j -a


  13. Wow, this may be even better than I just did used this on a stock 1.1.3 3.9 BL phone and it worked perfectly in less than 5 minutes (on an old computer nonetheless). I used the GUI and selected both jailbreak and activate (even though I”m on AT&T). The best part is that all of my music and videos are still on the iphone and I don’t have to re-sync! Very happy to be back on the jailbroke wagon.

  14. get the new version of ZiPhone, its alot easier I hear!

  15. This did not work for me either.

    I got a 16gb 1.1.3 iPhone about a week ago. I have iTunes 7.6.

    I followed the instructions verbatim, and ziPhone gets stuck at the “Wait for 45″”

    The iPhones backlight will light up brighter for a few seconds, restart with just the apple logo and stay like that.

    I have used the standard ziPhone with -j and -a and the GUI ziPhone with Jailbreak only, Jailbreak and Activate, and Jailbreak, Activate, and Unlock, all times resulting in a brick.

    Am I doing something wrong or missing a step. I restarted the iPhone correctly before each try. :(

  16. UPDATE:

    For any of you having the problem I discussed in my first post, try this:

    I used the app found on this page:

    and everything worked perfectly. Just make sure you have .NET Framework installed prior to running. You can get it here:

  17. I downloaded the Ziphone unlocksoftware and it worked for me! The only problem I notice is I dont have YouTube. It keeps saying caanot connect to youtube!!! Please help so what I did was just restored to normal 1.1.3 from Itunes 7.5
    By the way I ran this with an 1.1.3 OTB / Windows XP

  18. is there a youtube fix yet???

  19. Almost got it… froze well jailbreaking!!! the actual debug thing….said need ipod stack or something

  20. Hey Jacob….I used the GUI and it’s busy jailbreaking, all the debug stuff runs down the screen but now it looks like this
    bsd root : md0, major 2, minor 0
    bsd root : md0, major 2, minor 0
    bsd root : md0, major 2, minor 0
    bsd root : md0, major 2, minor 0
    bsd root : md0, major 2, minor 0
    bsd root : md0, major 2, minor 0

    thw whole way down so how do i kno it’s working or frozen…’s been gng 10 minutes now?

  21. iPhone use ZiPhone !
    Now Can’t Restore 1.1.x FW !!!????????
    Helpsss meeeee !

  22. Luiz Santos says

    Hiya.Please guys use the Ziphone”Gui” version.This version has been graphically builded up which makes the process much easier than the previuos version.I’ve unlocked myself about 10 iPhones either 1.1.2/1.1.3otb without a problem, Oh yep, it seemed to not working when used just to activate or jailbreak.But if you use the 3 options(activate,jailbreak and unlock) at the same time it goes smothly great!Follow the instruction given on the 35 comms.Download the software which is easier found at the “” or “Unlockno” website.Unzip it follow the instructions (pay attention to it.ur iphone should be in recovery mode, to get there, power down the device,keep home buttom and reconect the iphone dock when the apple logo fires up release it).With the ziphonegui unziped.You’ll see a little yellow pad amoung the files.Hit it and you’ll get the graphical tool.All the instructions will be presented there.Never tried with an iPhone with a bootload lower than 4.6 though!

  23. It’s not possible for ipod 16gb & 32gb touches to be jailbroken by ziphone..the ones that are, are fluke.

  24. Anyone having a problem with the icons not showing up after you download them using the installer?

  25. I have downloaded this and my e-mail, youtube and google maps aren’t working. The google maps works after i install NAVGPS and then i delete it and it still continues to work but then when i reset my phone, it doesn’t work. someone said that BIgboss has a fixmail application under Tweeks 1.1.3 but i can’t seem to find it. Anyone fix this problem? please help

  26. no im not having a problem with any icons not showing up i cant help you on that one. sorry

  27. Icons are not showing up for me after I install an application! :(

  28. How do you jailbreak a 1.1.4?

  29. ok i have a 16g iphone and i used ziphone when i first got the phone its been like 3months now and one day it just wouldnt let me cannect to computer or charge with the ac adapter. i thought maybe it was my corde so i go to my friends who has an iphod with working charge but doesnt work on mine and wont cannect to his computer the only way i can charge it is by my radio or in my car. the computer or itunes doesnt recignize it. and it says its charging 24/7 even when its not cannected to anything. what do i do. i tryed the home and sleep thing. i tried to restore but computer doesnt see it. PLZZ help

  30. okay guys i need serious help . i just ran the program and my itouch us just showing usd root: md0, major 2, minor 0 .. please help! im new at this and got the touch as a gift .. ( won a bet ) and my friend recommended the ziphone thing and now im lost . i disconnected it in the middle of the process cause the touch fell down now im confused can someone help me ..

    • I am having the same problem. I ran it on itouch and it is showing BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0.

      What next?

  31. hey i was running ziphone on my iphone(16g) to jailbreak it..i sstopped it halfway because it was taking to long..nw my iphone is locked and whenever i on it it shows a pineapple logo then goes to a graphic of a man….what do i do???!!!


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