MobileCast 2.2.3

MobileCast version 2.2.3 has some cool new features! When you open the app you will notice a Now Playing button in the upper right corner. So, when a podcast is playing…the Now Playing button will light up, that way you do not have to leave the actual window the podcast is playing in open…you can go do whatever you would like in the app and then just tap the Now Playing button to get back to the podcast you are listening to (for me, that is definately easier then trying to find the podcast I am listening to among the hundreds of podcasts I have!!). Another cool new feature is the ability to email a feed url. When you are on the main menu…you can tap on the blue arrow to the right of the podcast feed you would like to email and it will give you a little pop-up asking you if you would like to Share the feed url or if you would like to Dismiss and go back to the main menu. If you decide to email the feed info…it will open a new email with the Title of the feed in the Subject…the body of the email will say, Check out this podcast: and then the url for the feed. I also noticed that when you have downloaded a podcast and then remove it…the little dot in front of it now turns yellow. I am having one issue after the update and that is that I cannot play some of my video podcasts…I get a little pop-up saying…This movie could not be played. Which is weird because it worked before I updated. Let me know if you are having any similar issues. There are also a ton of bug fixes (check out the list below). MobileCast is available through the Ste Packaging source. Below are some screenshots.

Update (note from developer):
“In 2.2.3 there was an issue with playback of certain video feeds; this issue has been corrected in the latest development version which can be obtained from our google code development site at:
There is also a discussion forum for mobile cast at:

Change Log 2.2.3:
    * Fix for issue #62 – MC prefers urls from guid over enclosure.
    * Fix for issue #61 – MC 2.2.3 RC1 cannot playback video.
    * Fix for issue #54 – MC draining battery at increased rate.
    * Fix for issue #40 – downloaded items now get unique filenames.
    * Fix for issue #51 – MC should not allow you to add the same feed multiple times.
    * Fix for issue #57 – mobilecast is not deleting files from disk when an entire feed is removed.
    * Fix for issue #50 – disable animation during download.
    * Fix for issue #49 – reintroduce slider to position playback in podcast.
    * Yet another OPML fix thanks Joseph Jameson!
    * Fix for issue #42 – unable to add multiple feeds.

Other New Features:
    * OPML import now has visual feedback ( issue #32 )
    * MobileCast gracefully handles podcasts without guids (issue# 53)
    * Added disclosure to feed items that will download/play as appropriate.

MobileCast 2.2.3 MobileCast 2.2.3 MobileCast 2.2.3 MobileCast 2.2.3

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  1. Need an easy way to populate the list of podcasts

  2. Brian:
    You can import OPML or add any RSS 2.0 podcast feed to mobilecast. We are planning on adding a search capability to simplify the addition of new feeds for the next release of mobilecast.

    To the author of this article:
    1. thanks for your kind words, we appreciate it :)
    2. There was an issue with playback of certain video feeds in the 2.2.3 release. This issue has been corrected in the latest development version of mobilecast which is available from our google code site:

    best regards,
    –Frank (mobilecast developer).

  3. 2.2.3 had an issue with playback of certain video feeds. This has been corrected in the latest development version which is available from our google code project site.

    Brian, for the next release of mobile cast we are planning on adding a search function that will simplify the discovery and addition of feeds. Today you can add rss 2.0 feeds or import OPML.
    best regards,
    –Frank (mobilecast developer)

  4. @Brian…one of the developers has emailed me and said that in “the next version of mobilecast we are planning a search function that will simplify the discovery & addition of podcasts.” So that is pretty sweet…keep your eye out for the next update!!

  5. Dean Carico says

    When I try to add the feed for the Bob and Tom podcast it should come up and ask for my username and password but it says “invalid feed.” Does this not support username and password rss feeds?

  6. @Dean Carico: I don’t believe it does :(

  7. @Douglas, Dean
    The latest development version over at the google code site ( supports password protected feeds. It doesn’t prompt you for passwords, you have to enter them as part of the url eg:

    @Brooke – we’re still working on the search function, hoping to have it working in the development snapshot shortly.


  1. […] Mit MobileCast lassen sich beliebig viele Podcast-Feeds abonnieren, neue Folgen direkt über eure W-Lan Verbindung ziehen und bestimmen, welche Folgen geladen werden sollen. Version 2.2.3 kommt mit einem überarbeitetem OPML-Import, erlaubt das Verschicken eigener Podcast-URLs via eMail und kümmert sich um eine Hand voll Fehlerbehebungen. via […]