MobileCast 3.0~b1

Another app that made it’s debut this week-end was MobileCast. I really liked the MobileCast application from firmware 1.1.4 and below!! I used it all the time! So, I was really excited to see that MobileCast had made it to firmware 2.x. MobileCast is an application that allows you to wireless download podcasts.

The new MobileCast has a slightly new look and feel to it. When you open the application, you will notice three options on the lower menu bar; Favorites, Downloads and Search. The Search option allows you to search for audio and video podcasts. I will say that the search is a little slow and slightly glitchy but, if you can make it past that, you will get a list of relevant options based on your search. You can then select Add next to the podcast you would like to add to your favorites. You will get a pop-up saying that the podcast feed was successfully added. [Read more…]

MobileCast 2.2.3

MobileCast version 2.2.3 has some cool new features! When you open the app you will notice a Now Playing button in the upper right corner. So, when a podcast is playing…the Now Playing button will light up, that way you do not have to leave the actual window the podcast is playing in open…you can go do whatever you would like in the app and then just tap the Now Playing button to get back to the podcast you are listening to (for me, that is definately easier then trying to find the podcast I am listening to among the hundreds of podcasts I have!!). Another cool new feature is the ability to email a feed url. When you are on the main menu… [Read more…]

MobileCast Update 2.2.2

The update to MobileCast 2.2.2 fixes quite a few bugs and adds a few new features! This app is available in the through the Ste Packaging source. One of the new features added with the update is an Edit button it the lower left corner of the main Feed menu. If you tap on the Edit button you are able to delete feeds or you can now sort your feeds by moving them in whatever order you would like them in. To move a feed… [Read more…]

MobileCast 2.2.1 Update – Vidcast Compatible

A recent update to MobileCast now works with video podcasts. This is great! Now you can enter an RSS feed of your favorite video podcast and it will download and play right from the app. No computer or iTunes needed. It seems to work very well and so far all the feeds I’ve tried work. The feed must be for video playable on the iPhone.

Mobilecast 2.2.1 Update Mobilecast 2.2.1 Update Mobilecast 2.2.1 Update [Read more…]

MobileCast 2.1b2 Review

One of the biggest downfalls of iTunes is not being able to download podcasts over wifi without iTunes. MobileCast now allows you to! Just add the feed’s URL and the feed appears. You can choose which episode to download and listen right from the app.

MobileCast 1 MobileCast 2 MobileCast 3
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