MobileCast 3.0~b1

Another app that made it’s debut this week-end was MobileCast. I really liked the MobileCast application from firmware 1.1.4 and below!! I used it all the time! So, I was really excited to see that MobileCast had made it to firmware 2.x. MobileCast is an application that allows you to wireless download podcasts.

The new MobileCast has a slightly new look and feel to it. When you open the application, you will notice three options on the lower menu bar; Favorites, Downloads and Search. The Search option allows you to search for audio and video podcasts. I will say that the search is a little slow and slightly glitchy but, if you can make it past that, you will get a list of relevant options based on your search. You can then select Add next to the podcast you would like to add to your favorites. You will get a pop-up saying that the podcast feed was successfully added.

Now, you can go to Favorites and you will see a list of all the podcasts that you have added. If you do not see any, select the refresh button in the upper right corner. You can also add feeds manually by selecting the + icon in the upper right corner. To see the individually podcasts for each feed, just select the Title of the podcast. You will then get a list of podcasts available (if you do not see a list, select the refresh button in the upper right corner). To download a podcast, select Download and then hit the refresh button. The podcast will start to download. Now, based on what you are connected to Edge, 3G or WiFi…it will determine how quickly the podcasts download. Once the podcast is downloaded, it will say Play next to it. You can select Play to watch the podcast. The podcast is also added to the Downloads section of the application. If a podcast is not showing up in the Downloads section even though it says Play after it, you will need to go into Downloads and selec the refresh button.

If you start downloading a podcast, you can continue to search and use the application and the podcast will continue to download in the background. I did find that I had a few issues with crashing and glitchy while using this application. But, if you are patient and do not try to do too many things at once, it does work. I do hope that we see an upgrade soon but, I still like this application!

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  
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  1. freeurmind69 says

    how do i delete the podcast???

  2. so far on most of my podcasts podcaster starts to download them and then after about 5 seconds it thinks it is done and swithches over to (play) essentially making the application useless. It needs to be fixed to download more then 1 out of every 10 podcast sites. It even fails to download content from sites that it finds in it’s own search.

  3. @freeurmind69:
    To delete podcasts (or remove feeds) simply swipe your finger from right to left across an item. This will reveal a delete button.

    The version thats available 3.0~b1 is the first beta of a complete re-write. We have a known issue where mobilecast isn’t following http redirects correctly at the moment. I am planning on releasing beta 2 within the next 48 hours which will correct this issue.

  4. Cool, this was one of my favorite applications before 2.0. Now jailbreaking makes even more sense. The new look and feel (eg screenshots) is nice.