StatusStyle 2.0

StatusStyle StatusStyle is an app that lets you easily change the style of your Status Bar. Your Status Bar is the bar at the top of your iPhone were your WiFi, Carrier Logo, Receptions bars, Time and Battery Status Icon are located. The app opens to the a menu where you are given five Status Bar options; Tiger Style, Bar, Semi-Transparent (default), Clear Bar, Red Bar and Hidden Bar. To select an option just tap on it and then tap on the red Set and Respring button at the bottum of the page (you have to select Set and Respring for the changes to take affect). Below are the screenshots of what each Status Bar option looks like. StatusStyle is available through the iPod Touch Fans source.

There is also a README file contained in this app…below is what is says:
1) This Application is still BETA. I am NOT responsible for any damages that may be caused by using it.
2) 1.1.3 Compatibly is currently unknown. It should work, but there is a good chance your settings will be erased and your icon order reset.
3) Theme Dock should be turned OFF in SMBPrefs for full effect.

Any issues should be brought up HERE, as that is the only place where I will be sure to see them.


StatusStyle 2.0 StatusStyle 2.0 StatusStyle 2.0 StatusStyle 2.0 StatusStyle 2.0 StatusStyle 2.0 StatusStyle 2.0

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  1. This does not work on 1.1.3. It correctly previews the change to the status bar, but the settings do not stick after restarting the SpringBoard. It does not cause any errors tho, so that is a good thing.

  2. Sweet Jacob…thanks for trying it out!!

  3. 1.1.1 it´s all right! Great simple program!

  4. Brooke how did you get your signal to be pink and your name on your phone where the Carrier is?



    this works on 1.1.2

  5. John Laffey says

    Installed just now and it failed stating “main script exection failed” can anyone help as I cannot uninstall it as its not showing up in installer, but does show in springboard. When I change “set and respring” nothing happens !!!!!

    Running 1.1.3 and newest version of S/Style…..


  7. if you have a 1.1.3 and have installed StatusStyle, PLS!!! post here how you either got it to work, or how you uninstalled it.

    if you do so, we will try and help you with anything also!!!


  8. Can anyone explain why exactly the SMBPrefs Theme Dock has to be turn OFF for full effect, and, if i leave it on, what will happen? I just really like it and don’t want to take it off. :)