Funiculus 0.50

Funiculus Funiculus is a guitar tuner right on your iPhone. It uses your iPhone’s microphone and determines the note, note’s pitch and amplitude. When you first open the app it will “Initialize the Microphone.” Once that has finished, you can play a note and it will show display the note in the middle of the screen and whether you are flat or sharp on the upper Pitch scale. If the note’s pitch is correct the green light in the middle of the Pitch scale will light up. It will also display the amplitude (volume/strength of sound measured in decibels) of the note on the side Amplitude scale. It seems to work flawlessly and is very accurate. Also, if you leave the app on for a long period of time (a couple minutes maybe) it will give you a pop-up saying that Funiculus is about to shutdown…you can tap the Abort button to keep the app open or it will shut itself down. To close the app you can either tap the HomeButton or select the Exit button in the upper left corner of the app. Overall a very clean app well implemented app. Funiculus is available through the source. Below are the screenshots:

Note: This app is only for the iPhoen seeing the iPod Touch doesn’t have a microphone.

Funiculus 0.50 Funiculus 0.50 Funiculus 0.50
Funiculus 0.50Funiculus 0.50 Funiculus 0.50 Funiculus 0.50 Funiculus 0.50 Funiculus 0.50

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  1. i am using firmware 2.1. the installer is not accepting the modmyiphone souce, so i downloaded the funiculus app folder on my pc, i ssh it to my iphone but when i open itup it crashes… just opens up for 2-3 sec and then crashes…. :(