StatusStyle 2.01

StatusStyle The update to version 2.01 of StatusStyle does not have any visual changes however…it does make the app compatible with all versions of FW!! Very cool! StatusStyle is available through the iPod Touch Fans source. Below is the screenshot!

StatusStyle 2.01

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  1. Installer reports a Main script execution error on 1.1.3

  2. Is StatusStyle 2.01 on the installer?

    Thank you

  3. I get same Main script error on 1.1.3, and when i reset my phone the app was there but installer can’t remove it

  4. Doesn’t work on 1.13 OTB.
    I installed it, Icon appears,
    Within app chose transparent,
    Set which springs me to the open slide.
    App is set for 0755, no mater what I do it does not set.
    Needs more work or I need advise.

  5. Didn’t work here either

  6. works fine for me 1.1.3 … 1.1.2 otb

  7. John Laffey says

    Installed just now and it failed stating “main script exection failed” can anyone help as I cannot uninstall it as its not showing up in installer, but does show in springboard. When I change “set and respring” nothing happens !!!!!

    Running 1.1.3 and newest version of S/Style…..

  8. I’m having the same issue I can not remove it and it doesn’t appear in my installer under uninstall, I still see it under recent packages as if I didn’t install it when I try to install starts then I get the Error “Main script execution failed”, I even clear queue but nothing.

    What to do know? for assistance please

  9. same problem with the app. i have da icon but doesnt work and cant remove

  10. estou com o mesmo problema.

  11. I cant remove the icon