Categories 1.64 & 1.70

Catgeories There have been two updates to Categories…version 1.64 and version 1.70. Both updates have a few additions and changes. The only visual change is the addition of some new icons in the selection of icons you can choose from for your category icon. However, there were a few important fixes…the SummerBoard theme bug has been fixed for all versions – 1.1.3 and below, additional support for camera and photos icons has been added as well as better compatibility with apps that have non-standard plist files such as iAno. I am still waiting for the update that allows me to change the icon I selected for a category without redoing the entire category! Categories is available through the BigBoss source. Below are the screenshots.

Note: If you are using both Poof and Categories be sure to update your Poof to version 1.10 or later!!

Categories 1.64 & 1.70 Categories 1.64 & 1.70 Categories 1.64 & 1.70

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  1. Also fixes Cydia if you move it with categories.

  2. iAno still won’t launch from Categories for me, with 1.70 on 1.1.2