Poof 1.10

Poof Version 1.10 of Poof has some pretty cool improvements. It now has added support for hiding and unhiding the Camera and Photos app but, what is really cool, is that is now comes with the MobileAddressBook app. When you open Poof…you can go into the hidden apps and you will see MobileAddressBook if you tap it and unhide it it will add a stand-alone Contacts icon on your SpringBoard. I personally think this is really cool! Version 1.0 and above of Poof will only work with firmware 1.1.3. Also due to updates with both Categories and Poof…the two apps will work with each other. If you add an app to a category using Categories…it will show up as hidden in Poof…however, for some reason, if you unhide an app in poof it will not remove it from the category in Categories or even unhide it on your SpringBoard! Poof is available through the BigBoss source. Below are the screenshots:

Poof 1.10 Poof 1.10 Poof 1.10 Poof 1.10

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  1. would be handy if it had a password app on it like the lockbox program to lock hidden programs

  2. Braden Herring says

    You can also hide the actual Poof icon so it will not take up space on your springboard.
    You can access it by using Launcher or Nate True’s Dock application.
    This is what I do.

  3. looking for a fix. Hang in there

  4. Do you have ssh?
    If you do, open up a terminal. On WinSCP, type Control + T, then type /Applications/Installer.app/Installer
    Installer will open up on your phone.
    Go to the system category and install Community Sources from the Sources category.
    Then go to the System category and install BSD Subsystem, then install Dock, also from the system category.
    After it finishes installing Dock, a small little burst of light will be present on the bottom right corner. Tap on the light and drag your finger towards the tops left corner.
    All your applications will appear. Move your finger until Poof is selected, and release your finger. Pool will open.
    Tap on the Hidden button on the top left corner, and tap on Installer to unhide it. Click the home button. It will go back to Installer, but wait a bit and your springboard will restart. Slide to unlock and there’s installer!

  5. Oh, I forgot. After you type /Applications/Installer.app/Installer, click on Execute.

  6. A problem encountered is that dock is then installed but then doesnt show up in your regular installer. You have to run installer via SSH again, and uninstall it. Reboot your phone to get out of installer.

    I love this newly realised feature now – very useful…. in at least one situation anyway!

    Still don’t understand why this installer is seperate to the regular one though.

  7. hey I need help same thing happened to me. What is ssh?

  8. Hi I think I made the Poof icon hidden!!! so I cannot unhide the programs… I uninstalled and reinstalled no use
    Help please

  9. hy.
    ijust want to ask about the Poof.Cos i accidently hide the poof icon and now all been hidding.How to appear the poof app again?

  10. me, too. I hide my Poof icon. Now I can’t get it un-hide. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance

  11. I’ve trying to dowload poff app, without success, can anyone tell me how can I donwloaded , where can I find it.

  12. thank u Braden ur the best

  13. I am using 3G i phone, I somehow hide the poof icon and now I have nothing on my i phone, what can I do? Please Help

  14. Yes! It would be more handy if there’s a password protection for poof. I hope we can request that.

  15. For all of you that by accident included poof in hiding icons. Go to settings, genreal, restrictions
    Turn restrictions on and then off
    You get all your icons back.

  16. if you had your poof application hidden which you used to hide applications and now the applications and poof is not appearing then read this easy solution which me and my dad worked out all night: 1.switch on the phone 2.then click the menu button once or twice until you reached iphone search with the keyboard at the bottom 3.type ‘poof’ then it should come up (make sure you have poof installed) 4.now go on poof switch poof ‘on’ and then poof should come on the menu screen now you can access it and hide applications and if you hided poof again you know where to go!

  17. read above really helpful!!

  18. JohnSoulger says

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to download this app?


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