Mahjong 0.3

Mahjong Version 0.3 of Mahjong has a few new features and visual changes. You can now freely move the board around by tapping and dragging it where you would like it, making it much easier to play…you can also zoom in and out easily. A few more Boards have been added…before there were the default, square and dragon…cross and hourglass have now been added. Note…this version of the app is available through the BigBoss source and not the iSpazio source which the previous version was through. Below are the screenshots:

Mahjong 0.3 Mahjong 0.3 Mahjong 0.3 Mahjong 0.3 Mahjong 0.3

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  1. Excellent. After I got over my Izoo addiction this became my new favorite. It definitely wasn’t perfect but I can’t wait to try this update.

  2. Will it mess up the app if I uninstall the previous version? (v1.0)
    I really like the zoom-out. That really makes the app. New colours too!