Mahjong 0.8

Mahjong Version 0.8 of Mahjong brings a few new options to the Settings including; Tileset…where you can choose a different themes for the tiles however as of now there is only one option, Shuffle board which will shuffle the titles on the board…you get a pop-up when you choose it that says it is kind of like cheating are you sure you want to do it :) (see the screenshots below) and This game is worth it which is a donate button. Another change is that when you select a piece it no longer puts a blue outline on it instead, it puts little red lines through the piece. I have also noticed [Read more…]

Mahjong 0.3

Mahjong Version 0.3 of Mahjong has a few new features and visual changes. You can now freely move the board around by tapping and dragging it where you would like it, making it much easier to play…you can also zoom in and out easily. A few more Boards have been added…before there were the default, square and dragon…cross and hourglass have now been added. Note…this version of the app is available through the BigBoss source and not the iSpazio source which the previous version was through. Below are the screenshots: [Read more…]

Mahjong 1.0

Mahjong I love Mahjong and used to play it all the time on the computer…you know, like back in the day! The app opens to the default board type (you can change the board type in the settings). The object of the game is to match all of the titles. You can only match titles if they are on top of the pile or if the tile does not have another tile to either the right or left of it. If a tile sits between two tiles on the same level, it cannot be selected. To select a tile just tap on it (which will outline the tile in blue)…then tap on the tile that matches it. If it is a match, the tiles will disappear if it is not a match, it will not let you select the tile. To get into the settings just double tap on the screen. In the settings there are four options; [Read more…]