Converter 0.21

Converter Version 0.21 of Converter has some great new features. Once you open the app…head over to the settings menu…here you will notice right away a few new options; Advanced Mode and Restore Defaults. If you turn Advanced Mode and tap the Done button, you are brought to a list of all the categories of measurements…when you choose one it will bring up the list of units available for that measurement. You can then select one and change it and it will convert all the units at once. So, lets say you choose the Kitchen category and then leta say you then choose the unit cup, you can change the cup amount to 5 cups and it will convert all the other measurements – 5 cups equals 40 onces or 1.25 quarts or 240 teaspoons. It is pretty cool! You can also tap the Edit button in the upper right corner you are able to rearrange the order of the units. You can do it manually by tapping and holding the three bars to the right of the unit and then draggin it where you would like it. Or, to move a unit quickly to the top or bottom of the list you can use the arrows to the left of the unit. If you tap the arrow once…it will turn green (which means it will move it to the top of the list), if you tap the arrow again it will turn red (which means it will move to the bottom of the list). Once you have everything arranged how you would like it just tap the Done button in the upper right corner, the units with a green or red arrow will not be moved until you tap Done. Now, back in the settings menu you can tap on the Restore Defaults to put everything back to default. If you tap on the Language button in the Setting you will notice quite a few languages have been added including; Spanish, Chech, Simplified Chinese, Danish, Polish and Logical Hebrew. Also, the currency issue in 1.1.3 firmware has been fixed. Other than that…same old sweet app! I seriously love this app! Below are the screenshots. Oh, and it is available through the source.

Converter 0.21 Converter 0.21 Converter 0.21 Converter 0.21 Converter 0.21 Converter 0.21 Converter 0.21 Converter 0.21 Converter 0.21 Converter 0.21 Converter 0.21 Converter 0.21

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  1. The best App. Well done..

  2. Brooke,

    Thanks so much for your interest in my little application :)
    Your reviews are incredible!

  3. i also, love this app.

    i have a friend who has a not jailbroken touch and he is so jealous of this app on my touch.

    he is a doctor of biology and he commented on how useful this app would be to him.

    everyone have a great leap day!


  4. Great, well done
    I have installed it on my 1.1.5 ziphone jailed and works fine
    again great

  5. wow this is awesome! i wish i liked a dashboard widget that does the same thing as much. if anyone has any good links to one, let me know.

  6. Converter was the best app on my iphone 2g. Now I want to add it to my 3g, but I can’t seem to find the source url to add to installer to find and download it. Anyone know the url to enter in installer on my 3g iphone??