Categories 1.72

Categories Version 1.72 of Categories does not have any visual changes but instead a bug fix. According to BigBoss, this is what was fixed, “fixes issue where camera and photos icon would be the default question mark icon when SummerBoard theme did not include camera or photo icons or the SummerBoard theme option was disabled in the Categories gui config.” So that is good! Categories is available through the BigBoss source.

Categories 1.72

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  1. Is a great program but if it can be further improve to allow webclip to be categories then it will be awesome.

  2. It nice but I’m using 1.1.3 JB but somehow videos icon will not show under categories… T T
    Is that just me ??

  3. Hi,

    I have a big problem which I can’t seem to solve with this application….

    I made some categories, but how on earth can I DELETE the categories? I’ve read in the Help file that you first have to remove the apps from the list in the specific category. Ok, now I have a category called “Games(0)” which means there aren’t any apps in it.

    But I only have 3 options at all times: EDIT and ADD and DONE ??!

    I don’t see DELETE….

    please help!!!


    • I have used WinSCP to delete the specific folder/category and it works. Too bad there isn’t a Delete button in the app itself.

  4. Is there a way to reorder the icons in categories?

  5. I just installed categories on my 1.1.4 I accidently put my mobile mail in a catagorie but i didn’t want it in there. I deleted it from the categorie but it will not show up on my main screen any more. How do i get it back??

  6. iPhone 16GB 1.1.4
    I’ve made some changes in a category but went to Home Screen without tapping done, it crashes my iPhone. I had to do a full restore.

  7. I have just tried categories for the first time today but uninstalled it right away. Great app but not for me. I like having more than two pages. But after I had removed it the Contacts icon had shown up. Why is that?? I know that it is a stock app(but hidden). Don’t whant it.

  8. I Installed This Application And Its A Great App now After I Uninstalled It I Cant Find My Photo Album (the icon with the flower) & my camera Icon (the one that came with the iphone)…
    Could anybody help me to have them back???… Thank you