ContactFlow 0.9b

ContactFlow Dude…version 0.9b of ContactFlow is sooo sweet!! Now, when you open the app it opens directly to the photos of your Contacts (instead of a menu like in the previous version). If you don’t have a photo for a contact it just gives you the same iPod girl image as before. What is cool is that when you tap on a photo…it flips over and displays all the phone numbers you have entered for that contact as well as their email address…just tap on the number you would like to call and it will call it or tap an email address and it will open a new email to that Contact (just tap the arrow in the upper right corner to flip the Contact back over). What is even cooler is the little “i” icon in the lower right corner…tap that and you will get the menu where you have options to turn on/off Show Email Address and Direct Call (which works the same as in the previous version). But, the best part…drum roll please…this now works on 1.1.1!! I could never get this app to work and now it does!! I’m sooo excited…YAY!!! I do wish you that you still had the option to turn off all the contacts that don’t have photos and display only the ones that have photos…but, overall, I still think this app is super sweet! ContactFlow is available through the SOS iPhone source. Below are the screenshots.

ContactFlow 0.9bContactFlow 0.9bContactFlow 0.9bContactFlow 0.9b

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  1. Hi

    I updated the app

    And now it’s always crushing

    I’m on FW1.1.3

    And there is no option to display only the contacts with pitchers

    • I’m not going to update ’cause I like the feature of not showing contacts that don’t have pics. Hopefully the developer will bring this back! Mine is also unstable…

  2. Same here, except that it already kept crashing before the update :(

  3. I like the option to display only the contacts with pitchers, but in this update is missing!! BAD!!

    Working on 1.1.2 ;)

  4. I am experiencing the same crashing =[ nice app though.

  5. Still not working…1.1.3

  6. Oh man…that is totally not cool that is still doesn’t work for you guys!! I think I may have changed the permissions some where along the line…maybe that is why mine works now!

  7. I run 1.1.3 Dev Team jailbreak and it runs flawlessly.

  8. I still can not find this application in my installer( I have add sosiphone source already for more than 3 days and refreshed more than 10 times…)

  9. Added their repository to Installer today ( amd installed the latest version — It looks like they released a new v0.93.

    Running great on my 1.1.3 iphone. It shows only contacts with pictures by default. Though I don’t get what difference the “direct call” setting makes; It always dials the number directly if I tap on it.

    • The direct call will automatically call the number even if you have more than one number entered for that contact. If you turn off direct call it should bring up a pop-up listing all the numbers and emails available for that contact so you can choose the one you want.