ContactFlow – View your Contacts Cover Flow Style

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

ContactFlow ContactFlow is not a new application…we had ContactFlow back in the day (firmware 1.1.4 and below). I’m not sure if this is the same app by the same developer with a slightly new interface or if it is a completely different application! Either way, we have had a similar application in the past (with the exact same title!).

ContactFlow is basically another way to view your contacts. When you open ContactFlow you will get a Cover Flow style list of all your contacts that have images. Note: It will only display contacts that have images assigned to them (see instruction below on how to add images to contacts). You can then scroll through your contacts by swiping your finger on your iPhone or iPod Touch’s screen. You can also jump to a certain letter by selecting the little magnifying glass icon…which will then bring up the alphabet and you can select a letter. The two arrows at the top of the screen allow you to quickly go to either your first or your last contact. [Read more…]

ContactFlow 0.95

ContactFlow Version 0.95 of ContactFlow makes yet some more changes to the app. When you open the app you will now notice little arrows at the top…if you tap the arrow in the upper left corner it will scroll you to the beginning of your contacts…if you tap the arrow in the upper right corner it will bring you to your last contact. Which is pretty cool…better than your finger cramping from too much scrolling!! Also, when you tap on a contact… [Read more…]

ContactFlow 0.93

ContactFlow I was actually surprised by the amount of changes that came with version 0.93 of ContactFlow. The app now opens with only the Contacts that have photos…instead of opening with all your contacts and putting the iPod Girl image in for the ones that did not have photos. There are also some new options in the menu; you can select for the app to show all your contacts (but instead of the iPod Girl you get a white screen with the silhouette of a person…I personally like it much better then the iPod Girl…she clashed with the rest of my iPhone) and you can choose to order the contacts by First name or by Last name. Also, [Read more…]

ContactFlow 0.9b

ContactFlow Dude…version 0.9b of ContactFlow is sooo sweet!! Now, when you open the app it opens directly to the photos of your Contacts (instead of a menu like in the previous version). If you don’t have a photo for a contact it just gives you the same iPod girl image as before. What is cool is that when you tap on a photo…it flips over and displays all the phone numbers you have entered for that contact as well as their email address…just tap on the number you would like to call and it will call it or tap an email address and it will open a new email to that Contact (just tap the arrow in the upper right corner to flip the Contact back over). What is even cooler is [Read more…]

ContactFlow US 0.7

ContactFlow Version 0.7 of ContactFlow brings some sweet new features and a new name! ContactFlow has now been renamed to ContactFlow US (remember this is from a French repo) there is also now a French version of ContactFlow called ContactFlow Fr. You can update to ContactFlow US without uninstalling your current ContacFlow…just update like normal! Ok…on to the new features. [Read more…]

ContactFlow 0.4

ContactFlow This is a pretty cool new app! Think AppFlow (now XLaunch) only with your contacts! ContactFlow opens to this SWEET Cover Flow style contact list of your contacts photos. You can then tap on a photo and call that contact. When you tap on a photo…you will get a pop-up giving you the available numbers for that contact and the option to cancel…just tap on the option you would like. After the call is finished it will bring you back to the ContactFlow app. This app is actually in a French source but…the app itself is in English…so it’s all good. This app worked great on 1.1.3 however, [Read more…]