ContactFlow 0.4

ContactFlow This is a pretty cool new app! Think AppFlow (now XLaunch) only with your contacts! ContactFlow opens to this SWEET Cover Flow style contact list of your contacts photos. You can then tap on a photo and call that contact. When you tap on a photo…you will get a pop-up giving you the available numbers for that contact and the option to cancel…just tap on the option you would like. After the call is finished it will bring you back to the ContactFlow app. This app is actually in a French source but…the app itself is in English…so it’s all good. This app worked great on 1.1.3 however, on 1.1.1 it will run the app but not make the call…when you tap on a photo it just brings you back to the SpringBoard (I’m sure one of your hackers out there can figure out how to fix that!!). ContactFlow is available through the SOS iPhone source. Below are the screenshots:

ContactFlow 0.4 ContactFlow 0.4ContactFlow 0.4 ContactFlow 0.4 ContactFlow 0.4

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  1. It doesn’t work for me, it frezee the screen on 1.1.3 jailbroken.

    • same problem happened to me. it means that one or more of your contacts pictures is corrupt. I went through all of my contacts, then went into edit mode and resaved each one of the pictures. Then i reinstalled the app, and now it works.


  2. Doug I have tested ContactFlow on my 1.1.2 and it works great!!!!!! Very Cool :)

    • Hi everybody, it is a cool app and wanna have it installed.
      However, it starts charging (1.1.2) and returns back to the desktop. Any ideas?SOS

  3. not in my installer.

  4. 2AJ: It can be found in the following source:

  5. it works to 50%
    it shows only white pictures and not the picstures of my contacts!

  6. 1450 contact with more that 1000 pictures. I can’t go through each of them….I guess I’ll have to wait for a release that can take care of this problem.
    Thanks anyway for your help and suggestion.
    Best regards,

    • You could try uninstalling and reinstalling the app…other wise it could be the amount of photos it is trying to pull in…though I don’t know why that would be an issue! Other than that…I’m not sure…we have it working on a 1.1.3 with quite a few photos in the contacts.

  7. will this app work on a 1.0.2 – anyone know?

  8. will this work in 1.1.4 firmware?


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