Pianist 1.0.0

Pianist Pianist (formally known as iAno) is a replacement for iAno. When you install Pianist you will get a pop-up, in the Installer, with info about this (see screenshot below). When you install Pianist it will put a new icon on your SpringBoard but, you will still have iAno on your SpringBoard as well, if you would like, you can uninstall iAno…the developer will not be updating it anymore. The actual Pianist app itself seems to function the same as iAno…though the menu has changed slightly. When in the Menu…if you would like more info about the app just tap the arrow in the upper right corner if you would like to go back to the app just tap the down arrow. Pianist is available through the ModMyiFone.com source. Below are the screenshots:

Pianist 1.0.0 Pianist 1.0.0 Pianist 1.0.0 Pianist 1.0.0 Pianist 1.0.0

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  1. Marcel A says

    No sound on 1.1.3


    • Could it be that your sound effects are turned off in ure settings? You have to have them enabled on your headphones for it 2 work.

  2. not compatible with 1.1.4

  3. the app is so cool!!! :)

  4. Working fine on my 1.1.4

  5. i installed on 1.1.4 a couple days ago, the first time my sound went out for everything and i had to restore, the second time it said the application failed to install, but it still showed up when i pressed my home button(and the sound worked) but after a couple of days the sound randomly went out again and i missed 8 calls without even knowing it(vibrating went out too)

  6. thanks buckers.. sound fx back on and is sweet on 1.1.4

    who needs ben folds?