Touchpad for iPhone

You can download here:

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  1. so…i think it’s just an old video :D

  2. The coolest app yet. No Question.

  3. i like this program, but when i compared it to remote buddy i didnt think it was all that great since i could do more with remote buddy…ok, so maybe it is because it cost me some $$$ but i had it from before so no worries…but overall, i think that while this is a stand up app….RB, to me, is the best for this kind of thing

  4. does touchpad work on 1.1.3, jb and unlock with ziphone? read reports that it crashes 1.1.3.

  5. the video is old, but there’s a new update on the app. i’m running 1.1.3 OOTB jailbroken with iJailbreak and it works perfectly. it has two-finger-tap right clicking, two finger scrolling, and a keyboard (that you can use in landscape view). awesome app. you dont even need to download anything for your computer if you use a mac (i’m on 10.5.2)