SummerBoard 3.2

SummerBoard This is the version of SummerBoard Doug has been waiting for!! Version 3.2 fixes the issue where you were unable to install more than 80 apps on your 1.1.3 or 1.1.4 iPhone! So, upgrade and install away!

SummerBoard 3.2

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  1. I have smb 3.2 for iPhone 1.1.4 got all themesvworking. Everything seems good, but I don’t have scroll features on springboard and cant change initial dock. All that I have is Appearance for themes and wallpaper and Advanced for icon labels and dock labels. Is this how its soppose to be or are therevother apps to apply to smb? Any help would be awesome. Thanks –

  2. Version 1.1.4
    Summerboard 3.2
    I have installed every fix availiable
    Did the SSH thing to change permissions
    Summerboard says (Active) and themes all show in the listing
    The problem is:
    I change themes..And nothing changes.
    Could someone please help. I would love to get this program running right.
    Thanks in advance

  3. What irritates me is that it’s so difficult to just DL the Summerboard package for a manual install (or so it seems…). I need to do a manual install, since Installer is coming up with an error but without the app I can’t. Anyone know where this can be found?



  4. somebody please tell me what SSH and SFTP stands for? how can i copy some files to my iphone something like… summerboard.framework -> /library/frameworks/summerboard.framework

  5. I have 1.1.4 iPhone and was struggling these days to get SummerBoard working after installed. For the guys who wants the secret: install SummerBoard > Press Home button (so it will restart) > After initialized, press and hold Home Button + Power until the phone boots and the Apple logo appears. Wait for it to initialize and SummerBoard will be active.
    No need to change chmod files or install fixes.

  6. i just downloaded summerboard 3.2 but now mail and you tube dont work ive used every fix nothing works plz help

  7. very good

  8. ok SummerBoard 3.2 installed fine, but themes don’t show up in the themes list????

    • Only Power OFF iphone (push buton ON 2 sec) and slide, wait 10 sec and power ON and ready.
      test on 1.1.4

  9. I’ve tried everything to get themes on my phone, all with the same results,nothing. I’ve d/l two from this site, opened and logged onto winscp, drug the files into the themes folder and restarted phone, went into smb and checked the themes and it’s just a gret window any help out there

  10. i install summerboard 3.2 firmware 1.1.4…installs fine but when i try to change the wallpaper it does a soft restart to the slider and nothing happens….when uninstalled i get a wallpaper of the iphone factory installed ones…someone please help

  11. steve anderson says

    no summerboard on installer now its gone

  12. So i wan’t sure where else to post this question.
    Do you guys know if SummerBoard will work or be allowed on the the iPhone 3g?
    If so, will it be in the AppStore?

  13. after i downloaded themes and the springboard app. when i click themes no themes show up. why is that?
    help pleaseee

  14. My summerboard works fine on 1.1.4 but I got another App called Categories and when I go to a map it has other icons than when I put them on the springboard right-a-way :S Can somebody help?

  15. Im trying to download summerboard on my iPhone but it jus keeps on saying “error package download failure” what do i do!!!! ive tried refreshing the sources, restating the phone but nothin works

    • Same problem here. Jailbraked iPod Touch 1.1.4. Tried to download Summerboard several times, restarted the iPod, cleared the queue, refreshed the sources…still getting the “error package download failure” message.

    • same…. Please help seems like nothing works

    • Azurewind says

      Apparently, I managed to get my SMB3.2 up and running.

      Coincidentally, I added the source into my iPod, and let the sources refresh themselves.

      I tried installing SMB again, and found that SMB was already in the queue of apps to be installed. Naturally I tapped remove from queue. Lo’n’behold, SMB started to install when I prompted it again.

      Hope this helps.

  16. My iphone keeps cutting off about every two to three days. It just shuts down and i would have to press the home and the off button for about 10 seconds and it would come back on. I took it to Apple and they wanted $199 to fix it. The phone is a 1st. generation iphone. What should i do?

  17. THANKS

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  20. Geraldine says

    I can’t download summer board anywhere anyway! I tried it on but it didn’t work. it says ERROR!!!…… I tried it for like 10 times now. And i tried it on other sites. But there’s nowhere else to download. :( :'( Any one any ideas???

  21. I dont know