MaomaLand – iZoo Theme

iZooMaomaLand is a theme for iZoo. It is based off of which makes toys. The theme looks very nice. The colors are well balanced, and nothing blends in to much or stick out. The theme is very cutesy and seems based off of an anime art style. You can get it from the MaomaLand source. It goes straight into the themes section of your iZoo game so you will not see an icon for it on your SpringBoard. Below are the screenshots.

MaomaLand MaomaLand MaomaLand

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  1. alex_dlc says

    again, sorry for qriting this here, but i fixed my iphone. restored to 1.1.3, used ziphone again, thanx anyway. about this post, how many izoo themes are there? also, i downloaded some GARF themes, but they didnt show up in the options

    • There technically can be an unlimited amount of theme. For the widely known ones there are six.

      Here are some:

      You could also ask your question in the forum. It is a great community, and answering your question there can help others with future problems, and you will get more feedback.

      Since it is 1.1.3, you most likely have to SSH into your iPod and change the permission to 0777.

  2. how do you get a screenshot of your iphone display like what you have above, I am very intrested in learning how that is done. Thank you.