iZoo Add-On Themes

iZoo If you are addicted to iZoo (like I TOTALLY am) then you will love these iZoo add-on themes. Some of the new themes include; Chuzzle, TheRiseOfAtlantis and Zuma. They are pretty clean and play nicely…nothing like more variety!! Each theme can be added individually and are put directly into the Themes feature in iZoo (they will not show up on your SpringBoard). All the themes are available through the iPod Touch Fans source. Below are the screenshots:

iZoo Theme iZoo Theme iZoo Theme
iZoo Theme iZoo Theme iZoo Theme iZoo Theme

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  1. The simpsons also showed up for me.

  2. Nice post! Installed… you might also dig the iZoo themes at http://maomaland.com/iphone/repo.xml – its dope!


  3. thank you

  4. SimplyJudee says


    Which sources are the ones for iZoo themes? I clicked on the link but it doesn’t specify.


  5. the link takes u to a list of sources
    so the one u need here is http://www.touchrepo.com/repo.xml
    enjoi :)

  6. how do you get a screen shot of your display screen like about?

  7. like above sorry*