T4Two 0.1

T4TwoT4Two is a game based off of pong. When you open the application you will see two paddles, a ball, and two lines of sectored blocks. This is a two-player game. The point of the game is to use your paddle to bounce the ball into the other person’s goal. There is a twist. This game uses the accelerometer. If you tilt the iPod/iPhone downwards the ball move downwards, if you tilt it to the right it will go to the right, and so on. However, this does not work very well for this game because it is two-players. I would understand it being there if you could play verses the computer, but you cannot. Every time you score a goal a little piece on the side will light up. Once you light them all up, you win. You can then play again or exit. You can get T4Two from the ModMyiFone.com source. See the screen shots below.

T4Two 0.1 T4Two 0.1 T4Two 0.1 T4Two 0.1 T4Two 0.1 T4Two 0.1

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  1. This game has some sweet sound affects!

  2. Anonymous says

    agreed, but there should definitely be an option to play against the iphone

  3. game