Tris 0.5

Tris Version 0.5 of Tris does make some improvements to the play of the game. You now change the the block rotation by tapping on the screen instead of swiping your finger up or down. This makes it MUCH easier to change the rotation of the block. To move the blocks left or right you no longer have to swipe left to move it left or right to move it right…you have full control over the block…just tap and drag it where ever you would like it. This is really cool except you can move the block back up too. So, it kind defeats the purpose of falling blocks but, if you are like me and Tetris used to frustrate you to know end because you could not change the blocks how you wanted them fast enough…you might like this game!! If your block is not changed the way you want it yet…just drag it back up! :) Also, the game still continues to go after the blocks have reached the top. So, this app still has some improvements to make…but, it is getting there. Tris is available through the BigBoss source. Below are the screenshots.

Tris 0.5 Tris 0.5

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  1. likwidfuzion says

    The controls are much much better in this version. The only thing that needs to be changed is the ability to drag the block back up cause it’s cheating. ;p

  2. generator says

    No the ability to drag the block up and down is genius! haven’t you noticed that the you can only move the block up to a certain “ceiling” (which drops down at the blocks standard speed). try to move the block down, wait a few secs, and move it up again. You can’t reach the top of the screen.

  3. Anonymous says

    if you drag down you can then drag up much faster… supporting the ‘bar’ theory haha

  4. mingistech says

    generator is correct…. the height that you can move the block back up is constantly decreasing. it’s the same as having the block travel down the screen automatically.. because you have the same amount of time to place the block in the puzzle.

  5. mingistech… nice clarification.. logic wins again!

  6. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I play this game and then try to watch videos, the video’s images become “scrambled”. I have to turn off/on my phone to get the video to display properly. I only have two other applications installed and I’ve tested those also, but the “video scrambling” only happens after playing this game. By the way, I’m running firmware 1.1.2. Has anybody else had this problem yet?

  7. I love this app. So much fun. But since it’s no longer on iTunes is it still available to get?