iPark 0.10

iPark iPark is a little app that allows you to keep track of where you parked your car. The app opens to a scrolly wheel where you can enter in the letter and numbers of where you parked. You will need to tap on the letter and the numbers until there is a check mark by the ones that you want selected. It will then bring it up in the ones you selected to the middle of the screen (you have to select one from each row in order for it to work). There is also a Settings button in the lower right right corner. When selected, you can reset the parking number that you have enter. However, once you select it…there is no cancel…so make sure you actually want to reset the info! This is actually useful for someone like me who usually forgets where they park!! But, not all parking garages work by a letter than two numbers so…it might not work in all cases. I think this is a good start to this app…we will see what we get with future updates! iPark is available through the ModMyiFone.com source. Below are the screenshots.

iPark 0.10 iPark 0.10 iPark 0.10 iPark 0.10 iPark 0.10 iPark 0.10 iPark 0.10

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  1. Nice idea and I have installed it, however it would be nice to see A to Z as some car parks I go to are so large you could by in x34???

    Regards John

    • Yeah…that is a very good point…the app is sightly limited right now! That only means that the updates will be cool!

  2. useless.. just put the number in any number of other apps you already have (i.e. text message, Vnotes, email, notes).

  3. Bige2333 says

    hahahaaha this actually helped me find my car cause i forgot where i left it in a parking lot on south beach miami..lol

  4. Why u wanna do this when u can just take a picture of the location????

  5. bobbydegsatsa says

    am i just dumb, or is this app unbelievably hard to use????

  6. I am totally confused. I can not make any sence of this app. Total waiste of 99cents and the space on my phone.