Trickle – Full Screen Twitter Slideshow

I’ve been looking for an app like this that works with both Twitter and Facebook but Trickle or works with Twitter. What I was looking for was a full screen app that did a slideshow of Twitter and Facebook status updates. It would be even sweeter if it supported something like Flickr too and would show full screen pics when twitpics or Facebook photos show up. Ok, so enough dreaming, all I could find was this app. It’s actually quite nice and simple with a few decent settings to customize things. [Read more…]

iPark 2.0

iPark The update to version 2.0 of iPark made me kind of curious. The previous version of this app (it’s initial release version) was very simple so, I figured I would see some new features with this release. I was slightly disappointed to notice only one new change to the app but, it is a good change! Visually the app is the same though, there is one cool new change…when you go into the Settings to reset your parking number, the app no longer closes it just brings you back to the screen where you can enter in a new parking number. This is much more convenient then the app closing and having to reopen it and wait and then enter in the number again. Though, [Read more…]

iPark 0.10

iPark iPark is a little app that allows you to keep track of where you parked your car. The app opens to a scrolly wheel where you can enter in the letter and numbers of where you parked. You will need to tap on the letter and the numbers until there is a check mark by the ones that you want selected. It will then bring it up in the ones you selected to the middle of the screen (you have to select one from each row in order for it to work). There is also a Settings button in the lower right right corner. When selected, you can reset the parking number that you have enter. However, once you select it… [Read more…]