Tris 0.6

Tris Version 0.6 of Tris is the one I have been waiting for!! When you first open the app you will notice the the menu has changed a little…Resume has been removed as an options leaving; new game, high scores and about. The game is played the same as in the previous update…tap to rotate the block and drag it where you want it. However…here comes the best part…it now actual ends the game when you reach the top!! Once the block have touched the top it will bring up a screen with your score and a place to enter your name. Once you have entered your name just tap return on the keyboard. Now you will see your High Scores list! To get back to the main menu so you can play again…just tap the screen. Very cool update! It does feel like the game plays better too…but, maybe that is just my imagination! Tris is available through the BigBoss source. Below are the screenshots.

Tris 0.6 Tris 0.6 Tris 0.6 Tris 0.6 Tris 0.6 Tris 0.6 Tris 0.6

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  1. Finally! I will definetly be downloading this app when I get home! I have been playing Tetris on the NES emulator for the past three months (very frustrating) I was wondering if you can still ”cheat” by moving the blocks up? I hope they fixed that bug too…

    • Nope…you can still move them up.

    • Lol I still think that is one of the funniest issues I have ever seen. Moving blocks up in tetris, haha. I do understand that you can only move the block up as far as it would be if you hadn’t already moved it down, but still. This game is fantastic, there are a few things I hope he adds/changes in the next few releases. 1 – When i swipe down with my thumb the block sometimes moves off to the side as well. There should be a lock-in zone thing when swiping down. 2 – If you swipe down too fast to complete a line, it looks weird graphically. There should be a blinking thing with a cool effect when you complete a line to make it look nicer and smoother. 3 – Online scores, I would play this game all day with online scoring =P. It’s great to see such a beautiful game come out for free pre-sdk. Now we need minigolf! That would be amazing…

  2. Never thought I would be happy to see a “game over” screen.

  3. Glad you like the new version. It should indeed be a little faster – I fixed a lot of memory leaks and made some optimizations elsewhere.

    Josheesh and Brooke – the piece-moving-up-ability I left in because it makes the game a bit fairer in case of accidentally moving the piece too far down, but given how infrequently that happens when I play and how many people I’ve had tell me it’s antithetical to the spirit of the game (or, more succinctly, that I’m doing it wrong ;) ), I’m considering dropping it in the next version.

    Thailar: thanks for the comments. I’ve been going over a lot of what you suggest on my blog – see the link in my name.

    • Very cool app…keep up the good work!!

    • Awesome I can’t wait to see the game progress more and more. I highly recommend distributing this game through the app store later on because already the game just looks gorgeous and is very fun to play. Oh, and about that swiping down auto-lock thing I mentioned,… I was thinking about it and I also like the ability to move the block freely, as in a “southeast/southwest” direction but it’s frustrating when my downward thumb swipe accidentally scoots over a block right before the bottom. I was thinking about that “zone” where if it is close enough to a downward swipe it wouldn’t allow any side movement. Similar to scrolling through web pages in iPhone’s safari. Hope this is helpful and great job with the game =]

    • Am I the only one that would like to be able to control weather a piece rotates left or right? I find these versions of tetris that only rotate in one direction a little frustrating when things get fast.

  4. likwidfuzion says

    A problem that I see with the current Tris builds is that when you hit the home button, it just suspends the app (i.e. it is still a running process in the background). I’d rather have it save the state and kill the app, but that’s just me.

    • I wish it would kill the application also. In order to kill ANY app, just hold the home button until the application closes.

  5. I say keep the move up… newer tetris games allow stupid things like “hold” or you can keep spining for some time and in some cases spin up…. and stupid t-spin that stuff is not in the spirt of the original game… moving up is something no one has ever thought of and a nice addition to the game…

    • actually, after playing the game for a while I like the sliding up as well. I didn’t know it only went as high as if you didn’t drag it down. It really is a great app though, and an online scoreboard would be pretty cool and bring traffic to your site ;-)

  6. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I play this game and then try to watch videos, the video’s images become “scrambled”. I have to turn off/on my phone to get the video to display properly. I only have two other applications installed and I’ve tested those also, but the “video scrambling” only happens after playing this game. By the way, I’m running firmware 1.1.2. Has anybody else had this problem yet?

  7. I wanted to know if it was possible to clear the highscore table… makes me feel really bad that i cant beat 14000… thanks!!

  8. Helloo

    I am very new to the iPhone and i need alot of help with downloading games, themes, toys and stuff like that! So can someone please explain to me how to download them!


  9. Hi I managed to download tris just before it was taken off the apple web site. Can anyone tell me how to play it and what the aim is. Can you email me direct at: many thanks

  10. how do you get tris i tried searching it at the app store butt it wouldnt come up

  11. Hey there!
    I’m big fan of TRIS, not tetris, but TRIS is jus awesome. But I had it on my 1.1.4 ipod touch. Now, at my iPhone, I can’t find it anymore.

    Which repository nowadays have this game?! I tried to install it through SCP, created the directories, changed the permissions and so, but it opens and then closes next.

    Can you help? Please. Bernhar

  12. where it is in cydia?