WeSpot 0.38

WeSpotWeSpot is a game were you find the differences between two pictures. When you start the application you will be greeted with a screen that asks you to tilt your iPhone/Ipod into landscape mode. Once you do that, the main menu will appear. The buttons displayed on the menu are: “Continue”, “New Game”, “Setting”, and “About”. The menu is in English/Japanese Chinese but “About” is all in Japanese. In the Settings you are able to turn on/off the sound and whether or not it saves your game when you close the app. You can also change the time limit from 30, 45, 60 or 80 seconds. When you begin the game you will see two pictures that look ALMOST exactly the same. Your job is to tap the screen where the picture on the right is different from the left picture. There are 20 levels in WeSpot and each level seems to get harder and harder. You have a time limit at the bottom, it can be increased by tapping on your limited amount of stars at the bottom of the screen. The magnifying glass at the bottom automatically finds a difference between the two pictures. There is a limited amount of each. There seems to be few small glitches, the magnifying glass power and the star power do not come back after you restart the game. Overall, WeSpot is a solid game that just needs few fixes. You can get it from the iPhone Cake or weiPhone source. Screenshots below.

WeSpot 0.38 WeSpot 0.38 WeSpot 0.38 WeSpot 0.38 WeSpot 0.38 WeSpot 0.38 WeSpot 0.38 WeSpot 0.38 WeSpot 0.38

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  1. That’s Chinese actually :P

    • flamestar says

      yes, 100% Chinese, also there are 2 extra level package which contains about 207 levels, enjoy it and thx for sharing this info~

  2. Great Game, and Great Review!!!

  3. likwidfuzion says

    FINALLY! Photo Hunt for the iPhone!

  4. likwidfuzion says

    I just noticed: if you use the weiPhone source instead, there are 2 WeSpot “levelpacks” called WeSpot-package1 and WeSpot-package2 that adds a total of 205 levels.

  5. Great app! :)

    “likwidfuzion”, tx alot for the extra package info.

    Loving it!

    Be cool to have a Where’s Waldo app. :)

  6. Great App hard to solve.
    Really nice.

    Put http://app.weiphone.com/installer/ as a source in Installer

  7. I can`t install the main app . I download it and when “installing’ appears it exits to springboard :/ I`m with 1.1.2

    • gamebuster24 says

      its because your disk space is full. uninstall any app just one and download bosstool and use dat to free up disk space! it happened to me :P

  8. Just upgrade to 1.1.4 and unlock it with Ziphone. Really easy process.

  9. is there a way to erase your score? I’m at like -1896 now and would like to go back to zero.

  10. it’s still a early release with bugs and will be improved soon. just keep an eye on the weiphone source

  11. i have the 1.1.3 version…and i typed in the source in the installer, but the weiphone stuff doesnt pop up. it’s as if it doesnt work… please help…

    • Are you remembering to put the / at the end? I’ve had problems with wrong URLs before.

  12. Same for me, added the source, but the packs dosent show upp:-( help

  13. i cant find the wespot sources

  14. can i check where to download this game i ahve tried both site but still couldnt find it.thank you

  15. I’ve started to make a list of the one’s I’ve been able to solve so far. How far have you all gotten with the added level packs?

    http://iphonesolved.blogspot.com/ is where I’ve put the solved levels.

  16. i installed the WeSpot app, and I’m loving it!!
    I seem to have some trouble downloading the WeSpot packages though.
    Both WeSpot-package1 and 2 give me ‘Errors’. both of the error messages read: Package download failed!

    I have not lost my wi-fi connection – any ideas/suggestions?
    Many thanks,

  17. hey guys maybe im missing something..

    i added the iPhone cake source and im not able to find the app. is it under something else?


  18. I have the same problem as missylo. The main program loads perfectly fine but the wespot-packages 1 and 2 give me an error.

    When i was installing the main program, the auto-lock kicked in. It installed just fine but won’t install the packages. Also, it gives me the same error if i try to uninstall the main we-spot application.

    Help pls?

  19. weirdly enough, everytime i try to install WeSpot, it goes all the way to “Installing Package”, and then says “error! package download failed!”….. any help please??

  20. I have the same problem as Andy everytime i try to install WeSpot, it goes all the way to “Installing Package”, and then says “error! package download failed!”….. any help please??

  21. Someone please help me? All the sources I tried can’t work and i found a link over the internet and tried to install it into my phone via iphonebrowser, the program appear in my springboard but whenever i start the program, it shows me the wespot screen to turn it to landscape and crash back to the springboard, what am i doin it wron???

  22. Hey everyone, looks like there’s another photo hunt game on the apple app store: http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=293627139&mt=8

  23. can any body help me m cannot find this game i tried to install both sources i got these sources installed bt m not getting this gam in da installer please any can help me!!!
    i thnk that dis game needs sum requirements maybe????
    please help me:(