1Shoot 0.2

1Shoot 1Shoot is an app that allows you to take pictures without a signal tap (well, after opening the app!). It opens to a screen with a grey outline of a box…just line up what you would like to take a picture of in the middle of the grey outline. Now, hold still and voilĂ …it takes the photo. This app is based on the accelerometer…so, as soon as it thinks your iPhone is still, it will take the photo. You can also change it to mulitmode by tapping the Multi mode button at the bottom of the screen. For the multi shot mode…it will take a picture each time it thinks your iPhone is still. So…keep it moving until you have the next shot ready or you will get a lot photos you don’t need! If you are on single shot mode…the app will close as soon as it takes the photo. On multi shot mode, you will have to tap the red Finish button to stop it from taking photos and then it will close. All the photos are saved to your Camera Roll and this app works on 1.0.2 all the way up to 1.1.4! Hurray! I really like this app…I can’t even count how many times I have tried to take a photo only to miss it because my subject moved before I could tap the capture button!! Though, it is pretty sensitive…as soon as you stop moving, it will take the photo! This does make it kind of tricky to use the first few times but, you get the hang of it after a few tries! 1Shoot is available through the ModMyiFone.com source. Below are the screenshots.

1Shoot 0.2 1Shoot 0.2 1Shoot 0.2 1Shoot 0.2 1Shoot 0.2

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  1. What’s new from the previous version?

    • This is the first review I have done of this app (so, I don’t know personally know the differences) but, according to the developer…0.2 adds Multi mode…version 0.1 only allows a single photo.

  2. this app is sweet. i always seemed to miss my shot with just the camera, and this really helps.

  3. this app is cool – thx for the info

  4. I cannot find it in the app store on the iphone 3g