1Shoot – Camera Application with Steady, Touch and Timer Modes

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

1Shoot1Shoot is a Camera application that gives you three shot options; Steady, Touch and Timer.

A double-tap on the screen will bring you to the menu. Here you will find the three shot options (Timer, Touch and Steady). In the Timer mode you have two pre-set times available to choose from; 5 seconds and 10 seconds. The Steady option also has two modes to choose from regular and car mode.

Once you take a picture, the image is added to the bottom of the screen as a thumbnail. You can view the full size image by tapping on the thumbnail once. If you decide you would like to keep one of the photos, you can save it to your Camera Roll by double-tapping it. You can easy delete an image my tapping, holding and dragging the image out of the photo slider. [Read more…]

1Shoot 0.2

1Shoot 1Shoot is an app that allows you to take pictures without a signal tap (well, after opening the app!). It opens to a screen with a grey outline of a box…just line up what you would like to take a picture of in the middle of the grey outline. Now, hold still and voilĂ …it takes the photo. This app is based on the accelerometer…so, as soon as it thinks your iPhone is still, it will take the photo. You can also change it to mulitmode by tapping the Multi mode button at the bottom of the screen. For the multi shot mode… [Read more…]