1Shoot – Camera Application with Steady, Touch and Timer Modes

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

1Shoot1Shoot is a Camera application that gives you three shot options; Steady, Touch and Timer.

A double-tap on the screen will bring you to the menu. Here you will find the three shot options (Timer, Touch and Steady). In the Timer mode you have two pre-set times available to choose from; 5 seconds and 10 seconds. The Steady option also has two modes to choose from regular and car mode.

Once you take a picture, the image is added to the bottom of the screen as a thumbnail. You can view the full size image by tapping on the thumbnail once. If you decide you would like to keep one of the photos, you can save it to your Camera Roll by double-tapping it. You can easy delete an image my tapping, holding and dragging the image out of the photo slider. [Read more…]

New York Times Interviews Steve Jobs – Answers why iPod touch did not receive a camera.

##ICON_NAME## I’m sure many of you have already seen the interview that the New York Times did with Steve Jobs however, for those of you who may have missed it… they did ask some relevant questions. The two questions that I was glad to see were; Why is didn’t they add a camera to the iPod touch and Why does the iPod nano take video but not still pictures. Below are his answers. [Read more…]

“It’s only rock and roll, but we like it.” – Apple Event Tomorrow

Let's Rock Tomorrow, Apple is hosting it’s “It’s only rock and roll, but we like it.” event. At the event, they are rumored to be announcing a new iPod touch that will include a camera. Many people also believe there will be an iTunes update as well as a new iPhone OS (3.1). However, CrunchGear just wrote a nice article about what to expect tomorrow and they say that there will not be a new iPhone OS. They also say the new iPod’s will just be announced and will not be available until later. Check out their full article HERE. [Read more…]

New iPod Touch

AppleApple announced the release of the new iPod Touch today. They are now shaped more like the iPhone with the curved back but are made out of stainless steel instead of plastic like the iPhone. They also come with volume control buttons which goes along nicely with the new internal speakers.

Another huge feature for the iPod Touch is Nike+ integration. Nike+ is a combination of a sensor on your Nike shoes and software on the iPod that integrates your running and music.

8GB, $229, 16GB for $299, and a 32GB for $399

This all means no GPS, no microphone, no camera, no bluetooth…

iPod Touch Discounts (refurbished)

Rumors are, Apple is trying to dump stock of iPod Touches to get ready for a newer version. What will the new version bring? Larger storage, microphone, speaker, camera, GPS? The refurbished prices are $199 for an 8GB, $299 for a 16GB, and $429 for a 32GB. You can pick one up at Apple’s Website.

If you want more than just a rumor, many iPhone news sites are reporting the new 2.1 firmware has referance to the iPod Touch as “iPod2,1”. Currently it’s refferenced to as “iPod1,1”. Even better, the iPhone 1st Gen was referenced to as “iPhone1,1” and is now “iPhone1,2” for the iPhone 3G. You can see it was the second number that changed. With the Touch it’s the first number that changes. Let us know what you think all of this means in the comments.

What about the iPod Touch?

There is a lot of talk about the iPhone 3G today but what about the iPod Touch? Well we did learn that to upgrade your iPod Touch to the 2.0 firmware will be $9.95. I’m really surprised Apple is charging for this. This mean you’ll have to pay for the App Store and then pay for apps. I know there are other features but this is still not kewl. Luckily the price isn’t that bad and I’d be willing to pay for the upgrade. Speaking of the Touch, since we saved more than needed for an iPhone, we’ll be buying an iPod Touch so we can keep all of those who have them up-to-date on what new and old apps work on the Touch. [Read more…]

Free iPod Touch from Apple

Apple has launched their back to school sale. When purchasing a laptop or iMac you can get a free 8GB iPod Touch or iPod Nano. The catch is you pay for it up front and then go online and get a rebate for $299. You must submit it online by October 15th. The computers also have discounts from $100 to $230. Visit apple.com/backtoschool for more info.

iCalls 0.6.1

iCalls Version 0.6.1 of iCalls just makes a few small visual changes. Instead of the text in the Overview and Settings being red…it is now blue. I think this helps people to realize they can change that info…instead of it being red which usually makes people leery to change it. The default settings have also changed so that the From date is today’s date as well as the To Date. So, it only displays the call history info for one day… [Read more…]