iCalls 0.7

iCalls Version 0.7 of iCalls has a pretty cool new feature! You now have the ability to send your Incoming and Outgoing call history in an email. An @ icon has been added to the upper right corner of both the Incoming and Outgoing info screens. When tapped, it brings up a pop-up where you can enter an email address. Once you have entered the email address and selected OK, it will open an email that includes an .html file of your Call History info. When you open the .html file, after you have received it in your email, [Read more…]

iCalls 0.6.1

iCalls Version 0.6.1 of iCalls just makes a few small visual changes. Instead of the text in the Overview and Settings being red…it is now blue. I think this helps people to realize they can change that info…instead of it being red which usually makes people leery to change it. The default settings have also changed so that the From date is today’s date as well as the To Date. So, it only displays the call history info for one day… [Read more…]

iCalls 0.3

iCalls iCalls is an app that allows you to view your call history. It also has a really sweet icon! iCalls opens to a main screen with five options in the lower menu bar; Overview, Incoming, Outgoing, Settings and About. You will probably want to check out the settings first. In the Settings, you are able to choose the date range you want the app to display. So, lets say one month, from April 4th until April 30th (Note: The date is set up – day, month, year). You can also choose to have call history after a certain date automatically be deleted. After you have decided on the Settings… [Read more…]