iCalls 0.6.1

iCalls Version 0.6.1 of iCalls just makes a few small visual changes. Instead of the text in the Overview and Settings being red…it is now blue. I think this helps people to realize they can change that info…instead of it being red which usually makes people leery to change it. The default settings have also changed so that the From date is today’s date as well as the To Date. So, it only displays the call history info for one day…you will probably want to go in and change that. The Incoming and Outgoing menus have a little different look as well…still the same info…just a new look. iCalls is available through the iSpazio source.

iCalls 0.6.1 iCalls 0.6.1 iCalls 0.6.1

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  1. Steve anderson says

    I like this app good job thank you

  2. Katap.Nikos says

    Cool app, thanks,
    and can change Date range.

  3. Brogollack says

    can’t uninstall it, anyone with the same problem? Any help?

    • Ha! I totally mis-read your question the first time! So, let me try again! What does it say when you uninstall it…or, does it not even show up in the Uninstall section?

    • Brogollack says

      lol, sorry… it does not even show up in the uninstall section. What can i do? Do i have to restore?

    • Brogollack says

      Brooke. Could you explain to me the differences between a bootloader 3.9 and one 4.6 and between a modem firmware 4.4.5 and one 4.2.13?

      I mean, they do the same thing? Or one is better than the other?

      I’ve just restored my iphone. Before restore I had BL 4.6 _m3s2 and modem firmware 04.04.05_G, now i have same BL and 04.02.13_G modem firmware. Is his ok?

      I don’t understand anything about bl and Modem Firmware.

      Pleas! Help me!!!!!

    • Did you have OpenSSH and BSDSubsytem installed? If so, you could have went in and deleted the app that way. Even if it doesn’t show up in the Installer…it will show up in your Applications list via SSH. You can manually delete it and then it would have uninstalled it from your iPhone with out having to restore.

      Did you restore you the same firmware…or did you upgrade firmwares?

    • Brogollack says

      I always restore to 1.1.4… want to upgrade to 2.0…

  4. i’ve got this error when i ran this application

    JavaScript error ‘uncaught exception: Failed to evaluate ‘/var/Applications/iCalls.app/sum.js” in ” at line 0:

    anyone know what the problem is?
    i’ve already installed Jiggy ‘n Jiggi Runtime,


  5. Whats Jiggy Rumtime?

  6. why does icalls 0.6.1 delete the recent calls list of the stock phone app?
    i wudnt even mind that, if i cud make a call from the incoming and/or outgoing section of icalls.
    im on 1.1.3 (upgraded from 1.1.2 using iClarified method).

    • Does it delete all the calls on the log or just outgoing ones?
      I ask because I have been experiencing all my outgoing calls appearing on my call log one minute the next there are none.


  7. Hi Brooke,

    I love this app, but am unable to change the range? When I change it, and respring, or restart the range goes back to where it was.

    Any suggestions?


  8. I have the same problem! Can’t change the date so it deletes every day! How do I change the range??