iCalls 0.3

iCalls iCalls is an app that allows you to view your call history. It also has a really sweet icon! iCalls opens to a main screen with five options in the lower menu bar; Overview, Incoming, Outgoing, Settings and About. You will probably want to check out the settings first. In the Settings, you are able to choose the date range you want the app to display. So, lets say one month, from April 4th until April 30th (Note: The date is set up – day, month, year). You can also choose to have call history after a certain date automatically be deleted. After you have decided on the Settings…you can select another option.

The Overview option gives you the number of calls and the total duration for both incoming and outgoing calls for the duration you set in the Settings. Both the Incoming and Outgoing options will display a list of numbers including the phone number and how long the call was. You can tap a number to get the date and time of the phone call. iCalls is available through the iSpazio source.

Note: This app requires Jiggy Runtime. So, you will need to Install it first before you install iCalls.

iCalls 0.3 iCalls 0.3 iCalls 0.3 iCalls 0.3 iCalls 0.3 iCalls 0.3

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  1. The only thing I don’t like about this is that when I went into my PHONE APP and pulled up RECENTS, everything was gone. It’s not as convenient to go to the iCalls APP which is located on screen # 5 or 6 for me at this point.

    Oh well….good thing to know is that if you UNINSTALL it, that everything shows back up in the RECENTS category of the PHONE APP again.


  2. this doesnt show up on my phone even though I have the source ??? HELP!

  3. well it seems not to show but…search in the flag of iSpazio Devs…i’m allmost sure that you’re searching on iSpazio Apps =P

  4. myownregister says

    a new version v0.6.1 is out from his main repo source http://myapps.110mb.com/iphone.xml

    apparently even though he joined iSpazio’s dev source, he releases newer verions on his main source first.

  5. Whats Jiggy Rumtime?

  6. weird, after installing icalls 0.3 my phone’s messed up. phone doesnt ring nor vibrate, and busy icon appears, so even if i see that someone is calling me, i cant answer. can call out and recieve sms tho.

    because that i didnt get my birthday calls in the morning… how cool is that. girls calling like 7 times, and i just sleep like i dont care.

    i think i didnt install any other apps yesterday, but if it’s not icalls fault then sry, but i’m so mad right now, and need to reset my phone again thru itunes and all the apps :((

    • Dondesign says

      it happens to me 2, international calls for my anniversary were gone…not so sweet.