New York Times Interviews Steve Jobs – Answers why iPod touch did not receive a camera.

##ICON_NAME## I’m sure many of you have already seen the interview that the New York Times did with Steve Jobs however, for those of you who may have missed it… they did ask some relevant questions. The two questions that I was glad to see were; Why is didn’t they add a camera to the iPod touch and Why does the iPod nano take video but not still pictures. Below are his answers. [Read more…]

Matte Nano – WinterBoard Theme

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Matte Nano mattenanano4 Matte Nano is a WinterBoard Theme that contains a wallpaper, dock, badges, status bar and 2,295 icons (though, a lot of those are duplicate icons). The theme folder also contains an icon template (a .psd file) located in the Library/Themes/Matte Nano/Icons folder. One cool thing about this theme is that it resizes all icons, even if they do not have an actual icon created for the theme, that way at least all your icons are the same size. To make this theme even more complete, you can install Matte UI Graphite and Matte SBSettings. When you have all three mods installed it is a nice, complete theme. You can get Matte Nano and Matte UI Graphite via the modmyi source. You can get Matte SBSettings via the SOS iPhone source. [Read more…]

iPhone Nano?

AppleOk, here we go again with the iPhone rumors. now has cases for sale for the iPhone Nano. Sites all over the web are writing about the iPhone Nano. Here’s the picture from their site. Let us know what you think!