iPhone Nano?

AppleOk, here we go again with the iPhone rumors. xskn.com now has cases for sale for the iPhone Nano. Sites all over the web are writing about the iPhone Nano. Here’s the picture from their site. Let us know what you think!

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  1. Oh no, you guys didn’t fall for this, did you? Why would AAPL go through the motions and truckloads of cash to change the case/touchscreen/board/battery size when they already have a winning product? Seems far fetched to me… plus the nano rumors were circulating before the 3G announcement as well.

    • Why? It is because iPod sales are drying up. Everyone has one and they already hold more that those that don’t pirate can afford to fill.

      Why did apple make so many sizes of the iPod? To attract buyers at different price points.

      IF this is a real iPhone nano I suspect it will also have reduced features and or storage. Maybe it will be the $99 magic price point model to attract more average phone users and not just those interested in an iPod/Smartphone.

  2. I’m not sure if i believe it for not although i have read on several sites that these guys are credible. Honestly i wouldn’t want one myself, i like my 3.5″ display just fine.

  3. I think it’s very possible. Apple can’t keep going with just the iPhone. I think it’s very possible for January. Along with some great iMac upgrades.

  4. in my language there is a phrase, “if you see smoke there should be a flame behind it”. there is no reason to advertise this xskn otherwise

  5. while I’m definitely curious about all of the rumors, I love my iPhone 3G, just the way it is. I would like to know if the pictures of what could be the “iPhone shuffle” are true. Or were those just some mock up pictures of ideas and directions new potential iphoneish’ products could go in? The pic of the “iPhone shuffle” looked quite different but interesting none the less.

  6. TwistyValhalla says

    Maybe it’s for this thing.. (Visual Land V-Touch 8GB 2.8″ Audio/Video MP3 Player)

  7. $199 IS affordable to most people already. Most of those that don’t have one have some issues with AT&T, such as coverages, plan rates, switching carrier, etc. Also some issue with Corporate users.

    I really see no point of the nano iPhone if it’s still AT&T exclusive. Apple will not gain much more market share until it breaks free from AT&T. At least in the U.S.

  8. I hope it is real. We currently have 3 iPhone 3Gs in the family, but an iPhone Nano would cause me to add at least 2 more phones for family members that aren’t ready for the iPhone3g.

  9. i have the iphone nano that i bought recently. it just arrived this morning! maybe it’s a knock off who knows but it looks just like the iphone except a mini version!