SpringLocker Update – SBSetting Toggle Fixed

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## SpringLocker, an application that allows you to turn off the ability to move the icons on your SpringBoard, was updated a few days ago. Today, I figured out what the update does. In the previous version of the application, the SBSetting toggle did not work. Well, it seems that the update has fixed this problem. You are now able to toggle SpringLocker on/off via SBSettings. You can get SpringLocker via the BigBoss source.
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SpringLocker – Turn Off the Ability to Move Icons

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## SpringLocker is a hack that allows you to turn off the ability to move the icons on your SpringBoard.

Once the app is installed, it is added in the stock Settings application. The only option the app has is the ability to turn the Lock Icons option on or off. If you turn the Lock Icons option On… it will turn off the ability to rearrange the icons on your SpringBoard.

When you turn ON Lock Icons, your icons will no longer go into “wiggle mode.” If you tap and hold an icon on your SpringBoard, it will not start to wiggle and will not be able to be moved instead the application will launch as if you tapped on it and did not tap and hold it.
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New York Times Interviews Steve Jobs – Answers why iPod touch did not receive a camera.

##ICON_NAME## I’m sure many of you have already seen the interview that the New York Times did with Steve Jobs however, for those of you who may have missed it… they did ask some relevant questions. The two questions that I was glad to see were; Why is didn’t they add a camera to the iPod touch and Why does the iPod nano take video but not still pictures. Below are his answers. [Read more…]

Purchase an iPhone 3G S Without a Contract

iPhone 3G S It seems the people over at iTalkiPhone have found a way to purchase an iPhone 3G S straight from the Apple Store…contract free. You obviously do not get the subsidized price of $199 and $299 however, if you are looking for a way to get the iPhone 3G S contract free, this might be a way to do it. It does taking a little bit of a work-around on Apple’s website. Here is what you would need to do:

You need Firefox + Firebug (www.getfirebug.com)

1. Go to any non-apple product in the store.apple.com (e.x: http://store.apple.com/us/product/TV…mco=NjM0MTMwMw)

2. Click on the little FireBug icon on the bottom of the screen, now Firebug pops up and Click “Inspect”, and choose the “Add to cart Icon”

3. In firebug, right above where it’s highlighted, you should see “”. Click on “TV943VC/A” and change it to the value of the iPhone you want:

iPhone 3G 8GB ($499): MB046LL/A
iPhone 3GS 16GB Black ($599): MB715LL/A
iPhone 3GS 16GB White ($599): MB716LL/A
iPhone 3GS 32GB Black ($699): MB717LL/A
iPhone 3GS 32GB White ($699): MB718LL/A

4. Now click on the Add to Cart button, and the iPhone should be in your cart. Proceed to buy it if you want.

I personally have not tried this, I have an AT&T contract I am going to upgrade through, so I have no idea if it actually works or not. You might end up with an iPhone that is locked and can only be activated through a carrier or you might not receive it at all or an iPhone 3G S will show up on your doorstep ready to go with no contract….who knows! Let us know in the comments if you are one of the brave enough to give it a shot.

Check out the forum thread HERE. It contains screenshots of the process as well.

No Dock Reflections

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard Honestly, I was slightly confused when I saw this app (No Dock Reflections) in Cydia. The purpose of the application is to allow the ability to turn of the dock reflections if you have the ReflectiveDock mod installed. What had me confused is that when I did a review of the ReflectiveDock mod when it was first released, it already added a “no dock reflections” option into WinterBoard….so, I didn’t see the reason why we would need it again as a seperate package. Well, after uninstalling and reinstalling both application I realized that somewhere along the line of updates, the ReflectiveDock mod no longer shows up in WinterBoard once installed and no longer installs an option to turn off the dock reflections. So, therefore, No Dock Reflections is a much needed and very useful application (though, I personally hardly ever turn off the dock reflections)! [Read more…]