Reflective Dock Update – Adds Setting Options

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Reflective Dock The Reflective Dock mod is a mod that allows the icons on your dock to have reflections. Well, it seems that Mr. David Ashman has updated the mod adding all sorts of new settings.


Once installed, you can now go into your stock Settings application and you will see a Reflective Dock option. Here you are able to Enable/Disable the application (no more need for WinterBoard), turn on/off the Reflect All Icons option, turn on/off the Use Gradient options and adjust the Opacity, Reflection Gap, Reflection Length Factor and the Horizontal Shift.

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I’m going to briefly describe what each option does. The Reflect All Icons option, when turned on, will reflect all icons on your SpringBoard and not just the icons in your dock. [Read more…]

No Dock Reflections

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard Honestly, I was slightly confused when I saw this app (No Dock Reflections) in Cydia. The purpose of the application is to allow the ability to turn of the dock reflections if you have the ReflectiveDock mod installed. What had me confused is that when I did a review of the ReflectiveDock mod when it was first released, it already added a “no dock reflections” option into WinterBoard….so, I didn’t see the reason why we would need it again as a seperate package. Well, after uninstalling and reinstalling both application I realized that somewhere along the line of updates, the ReflectiveDock mod no longer shows up in WinterBoard once installed and no longer installs an option to turn off the dock reflections. So, therefore, No Dock Reflections is a much needed and very useful application (though, I personally hardly ever turn off the dock reflections)! [Read more…]

Reflective Dock Mod Updated to Support WeatherIcon Mod

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Reflective Dock The ReflectiveDock mod, via the source, was updated a few days ago allowing the reflective dock to correctly reflect the WeatherIcon mod. I finally had a chance to test it and it works great. If you are someone who likes to have your weather icon in your dock and you use the RefelectiveDock mod…then you are good to go. Now, all we need is an update so that it reflects the LiveClock mod! I would love to watch the little second hand go around in the reflection! :) [Read more…]

Reflective Dock – via Cydia

Reflective Dock We have written about how to get a reflective dock using shh. However, if you are looking for a way to get a reflective dock for your iPhone or iPod Touch through Cydia, here is a way. You will need to add a new source to Cydia (check out THIS article if you need instructions on how to add a source to Cydia). The source you will need to add is: After your sources have refreshed, you will see that a new package has been added to your iPhone called ReflectiveDock. Once installed, you will have a reflective dock. It does add two options to Winterboard, No Dock Reflections and Dock Reflections however, I have found that it is not affected by being turned on/off in WinterBoard…it is just always on unless you specifically select No Dock Reflections. [Read more…]