Court Documents Prove 5 Year Contract Between Apple & AT&T

AT&TEngadget has finally found proof that the contract between Apple and AT&T for the iPhone was 5 years. That would mean no Verizon iPhone this year. But there are always renegotiations and all sorts of other ways Apple could have ended the agreement. Apple did develop the iPad to run on AT&T and not Verizon so this may also be a hint. I’m guessing that Apple will wait until LTE technology is released and all carriers use it so they can sell only one phone.

Here’s what I’d like to know. If you have an iPhone right now, would you switch to Verizon if they get the iPhone? If you’re reading this and don’t have an iPhone and are with Verizon already, would you buy an iPhone once it comes to Verizon? Answer below in the polls and let us know more by telling us why in the comments. [Read more…]

Purchase an iPhone 3G S Without a Contract

iPhone 3G S It seems the people over at iTalkiPhone have found a way to purchase an iPhone 3G S straight from the Apple Store…contract free. You obviously do not get the subsidized price of $199 and $299 however, if you are looking for a way to get the iPhone 3G S contract free, this might be a way to do it. It does taking a little bit of a work-around on Apple’s website. Here is what you would need to do:

You need Firefox + Firebug (

1. Go to any non-apple product in the (e.x:…mco=NjM0MTMwMw)

2. Click on the little FireBug icon on the bottom of the screen, now Firebug pops up and Click “Inspect”, and choose the “Add to cart Icon”

3. In firebug, right above where it’s highlighted, you should see “”. Click on “TV943VC/A” and change it to the value of the iPhone you want:

iPhone 3G 8GB ($499): MB046LL/A
iPhone 3GS 16GB Black ($599): MB715LL/A
iPhone 3GS 16GB White ($599): MB716LL/A
iPhone 3GS 32GB Black ($699): MB717LL/A
iPhone 3GS 32GB White ($699): MB718LL/A

4. Now click on the Add to Cart button, and the iPhone should be in your cart. Proceed to buy it if you want.

I personally have not tried this, I have an AT&T contract I am going to upgrade through, so I have no idea if it actually works or not. You might end up with an iPhone that is locked and can only be activated through a carrier or you might not receive it at all or an iPhone 3G S will show up on your doorstep ready to go with no contract….who knows! Let us know in the comments if you are one of the brave enough to give it a shot.

Check out the forum thread HERE. It contains screenshots of the process as well.