Court Documents Prove 5 Year Contract Between Apple & AT&T

AT&TEngadget has finally found proof that the contract between Apple and AT&T for the iPhone was 5 years. That would mean no Verizon iPhone this year. But there are always renegotiations and all sorts of other ways Apple could have ended the agreement. Apple did develop the iPad to run on AT&T and not Verizon so this may also be a hint. I’m guessing that Apple will wait until LTE technology is released and all carriers use it so they can sell only one phone.

Here’s what I’d like to know. If you have an iPhone right now, would you switch to Verizon if they get the iPhone? If you’re reading this and don’t have an iPhone and are with Verizon already, would you buy an iPhone once it comes to Verizon? Answer below in the polls and let us know more by telling us why in the comments.


As a current iPhone owner, would you switch to Verizon if they offered the iPhone.

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As a current Verizon customer, will you buy the iPhone if it comes to Verizon?

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Engadget article:

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  1. verizon would be cheaper right?……and the 4G as well…..speaking of 4G anybody hear of anything regarding 4G for at&t?

  2. AT&T has done fine by me. The only thing that would cause me to change is if Verizon offered 3 or 4G. Currently 3G is not in my area through AT&T.

  3. AT&T’s 3g coverage sucks, the edge network is slow as dirt I love my iPhone but wish AT&T had better 3g coverage

  4. BDog Grizzly says

    I love Verizon and they get the best coverage over any crappy company around. I would without a doubt go out and by the iPhone 4, 32gb for the beastly price of $699.99. It would be nice to finally have a Cell Phone that I actually like. I haven’t liked a phone since the Motorola Razor first came out. No phone at Verizon is worth the outrageous price they ask for. NOT ONE!!! (By the way. Screw the Motorola Droid. I know way to many people that have hated it because of shotty craftsmanship or it bricking because of network problems.)