What about the iPod Touch?

There is a lot of talk about the iPhone 3G today but what about the iPod Touch? Well we did learn that to upgrade your iPod Touch to the 2.0 firmware will be $9.95. I’m really surprised Apple is charging for this. This mean you’ll have to pay for the App Store and then pay for apps. I know there are other features but this is still not kewl. Luckily the price isn’t that bad and I’d be willing to pay for the upgrade. Speaking of the Touch, since we saved more than needed for an iPhone, we’ll be buying an iPod Touch so we can keep all of those who have them up-to-date on what new and old apps work on the Touch.

So far there is no news on hardware updatesfor the Touch. That means no GPS, obviously no 3G, no color choices. Only software updates will apply. It would be nice if they added a mic, speaker and camera. I have one friend already that has bought an iPhone and fake activated it just to use those feature and another that’s going to buy a used iPhone version 1 just to fake activate it to use just on Wifi. They want the camera mostly and if Ebay gets flooded with version 1 iPhones then they will be cheaper than a Touch.

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  1. just wondering doug, how are we, who bought the 1st gen iPhone a year ago going to be able to get the new iPhone threw AT&T since they require a 2 year contract? And is the 199.99 price good for apple stores also and if so then we could just activate it ourselves. Just wondering though.

    • From what I can tell it will be just like before. $199 both locations. I talked to a AT&T employee and they make you run a credit check when you buy an iPhone so if you don’t activate it, it’s a mark on your credit. Apple assumes you can’t use the iPhone without activating it, like the first version. It just doesn’t unlock until it’s activated through iTunes. Of course there are ways around this.

    • oh ok so then i could walk in on july 11th give them my cell # and walk away with a new 3G iPhone.

    • No cell # needed, you do that all in iTunes.

    • parterburn says

      They will be making you activate the new 3g in-stores. Patrick Norton was saying that on twitter.

  2. WHO CARES ABOUT THE PRICE!!!! if i am willing to pay $10 on a book or something else thats almost worthless, why not buy an awesome upgrade to an awesome device!!

    i love my touch but i will die if i dont get the new iphone

    • Yeah – you’re right. Books are worthless heaps of junk. And some cost even more than $10!

  3. Hey guys, will the iPhone 1.2.0 formware have the GPS? Because other than that, the only real difference between iPhone and iPhone 3G is the slightly different form factor and the obvious 3G. What exactly is going to be included in the July update for all of us 1rst Gen iPhone users? Thanks in advance for your reply. I really appreciate it. I’ve been trying to google all of this but can find no definitive answer.

  4. Yea, I need to mention to iPod Touch issue than notice iPhone advertising. Are there any difference in download or upgrade in between them? I wish to notice iPod Touch more than iPhone. I couldnt have iPhone because I’m deaf so no point to know about iPhone. Thanks

  5. huhuhu, poor my touch ,,, :(

  6. I’ve got iPod Touch, upgraded to 2.0
    I’ve read countless articles, but still am not sure if/HOW I can unlock it. I’ve read that it’s pointless with no Installer; I’ve read how the iPhone can work the unlock; I’ve read about Cydia which sounds cool, but how do I get Cydia?
    I jailbroke my 1.14 without issue; it was straight forward.
    Any help would be appreciated, thanks all.