New iPod Touch

AppleApple announced the release of the new iPod Touch today. They are now shaped more like the iPhone with the curved back but are made out of stainless steel instead of plastic like the iPhone. They also come with volume control buttons which goes along nicely with the new internal speakers.

Another huge feature for the iPod Touch is Nike+ integration. Nike+ is a combination of a sensor on your Nike shoes and software on the iPod that integrates your running and music.

8GB, $229, 16GB for $299, and a 32GB for $399

This all means no GPS, no microphone, no camera, no bluetooth…

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  1. Marcelo Franca says

    how he can connect with the nike shoes without blustooth? Wi-Fi??

  2. i dont understand if its black or not. can someone clarify?? i have seen black at engadget but on it says new polished steel

  3. well for the Nike+ it must use an added dock attachment like the iPod nano and it’s polished steel like the first iPod touch

  4. the firmware is out. does anyone know how to hack it?

  5. my 1 and only question-
    Is it jailbreakable?

  6. 2.1 available and installed on my 8g iTouch… Sync/Backup is much faster. Genius Play list feature…. iTunes interface has changes.. I am going to install all my apps and see if I can get it to crash like it has in the past…. will let you know….

    • 7 full pages of apps and not crashing….. hope this keeps going… installation was very fast from itunes… itunes 8.0 automatically skips iPhone specific apps when syncing the iTouch…

  7. trade in program possibly for old ipod touches

  8. anyone know?

  9. They finally have speakers, dam I took a few hours to find my receipt for sams club to return my old ipod touch for a new one, but I still can’t find my dam receipt. Im going to get the new one! :D

  10. will the back still scratch like other iPods????

  11. I JUST GOT ONE!!
    It’s so nice, the only is that it doesn’t come w/ the new headphones!

  12. “This all means no GPS, no microphone, no camera, no bluetooth…”

    Actually that’s not all true. The new iPod Touch can use the new headphones with built-in mic that Steve showed in his presentation. Also, Gizmodo is reporting that there is in fact a bluetooth chip built into the new iPod Touch, but it just ins’t activated… yet!

    • There is a bluetooth chip, but it’s only for Nike+ integration nothing special like the iphones

    • Actually, I was about to say that, but then I saw your message.

      The bluetooth IS activated, but only for Nike+ as a cheap way to implement, but Gizmodo says people may be able to hack it!

  13. How can i gen that new iphone ?
    i live in serbia..and here is no any store where i can buy that